Xbox Hires New Director of Product Marketing

The Xbox Corporation, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has announced a new director for product marketing. This information comes after Xbox has struggled to keep fans on their console, with the conversion rate to PlayStation growing monthly. Lack of games and proper product marketing has cost the Xbox Corporation this generation cycle. Moving into 2020, both Sony and Microsoft are releasing new consoles through their respective gaming subsidiaries. Microsoft anticipates that with the Xbox 2020 unless new product marketing strategies are implemented, the same issues could reoccur. Subsequently, the Xbox Corporation has promoted Harvey Eagle, who previously worked as a Business Lead for Xbox’s UK Offices, to the Direct of Xbox Product Market.

Harvey Eagle has a long history with the Xbox Corporation, having worked for them since they were first conceived two decades ago. Harvey worked as the Xbox Head of Communications across Europe and held roles as a category director and advertising manager. Before joining the Xbox Corporation in 2019, Eagle worked with Atari as a brand manager for fifteen months. It’s anticipated that with his two decades of knowledge, Harvey will create new product marketing opportunities for Xbox on a worldwide scale. The right marketing will assist Microsoft in defeating PlayStation with the 2020 Console Cycle.

Speaking with reporters, Harvey Eagle noted that he was honoured to work as the Business Lead in the United Kingdom for the last six years. However, he also mentioned that he’s thrilled at taking on a global role. Mr Eagle iterated that his first task will be on the re-marketing of Xbox Live to potential customers on the PC and PlayStation. It should be noted that Harvey Eagle played a significant role as advertising director with the original Xbox, without his contributions the console wouldn’t have become the infamous brand it is today.

The Eagle Way

Our readers are always seeking new advice or tactics on how to improve their product marketing. Harvey Eagle will follow the Forget & Relaunch tactic, which corporations and subsequent websites will work actively in making customers disassociate old services with new. For our readers, this means removing all existing SEO and Articles, then starting over again. Exclusive views on your site should be limited to five or lower for this tactic to be considered.

When it pertains to Xbox, this tactic means new advertising campaigns that focus on upcoming games and new exclusives around the Live Marketplace. Considering the next generation will be download base, it makes sense that Harvey Eagle is centring advertising around Xbox Live.