Why an iPad is a Must for B2B Marketing

Let’s face it; there is always something need to do all remember while on the move. Whether it is to contact someone, check up on a Facebook message or even create a post on Twitter about your new product, there’s always something, and most of the time we end up forgetting because of our busy lives.

Sure, we can set reminders, and even set up schedules to try to get it all done, but then we end up having too much to do in one day, increasing the stress levels and just not having the same productive week we always plan for.

Luckily, technology includes devices that allow us to do just about everything from anywhere. All it takes is a simple and or a couple of them to ensure you’ve got all the tools needed to complete the tasks. For B2B marketers, sales and management, there are so many tools out there, especially with the iPad Pro range that allows you to multitask, thanks to an advanced split screen feature that makes it possible to run up to three different apps, all in one.

Below, we have a look at some of the most significant advantages of adding an iPad to your B2B marketing life and how it can improve your productivity while also taking the load off your everyday schedule.

Social Media

There is no denying that social media has become one of the most significant marketing tools or any business. While these platforms are easy to access our computer, you’ll be amazed at how much they can do on iPads as an app. Apps such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Google Buzz are available on the iPad app store and focused on business.

For example, the Twitter app lets you switch between accounts with a simple swipe, and you can see so many more keywords and possible tags for your products and services. They also apps that allow you to manage everything in a single platform, giving you access to more information, details, possible sales and much more, all in a single screen.

CRM Tools

CRM tools are one of the most significant benefits for any B2B marketing team as they allow you to manage so much more. Not only can you check up on events, see who is coming and even use the device to tick off who has attended, but with apps such as Oracle and even the Salesforce app, you can keep up to date on how sales are going, what’s working with marketing and much more.

There are so many CRM tools available in the app store that help you manage the marketing side and see the information from other departments. Sure, it might take some setting up for the whole company to adapt to the app, but it’s well worth it!