When Marketing Strategies Fail

The Mid-year Anguish

So you have started 2019 on a note of excitement and anticipation. This is going to be the year in which you create great marketing strategies which bring in many new clients. Nothing could dampen you, and you entered the year armed with tips and tricks, apps and guidelines. Beginning June, you realize that you haven’t yet achieved half of your goals, and the concern is quickly progressing into anxiety and anguish. When your marketing is not showing the expected return on investment which you projected, then it is a great idea to re-evaluate your plans to see what went wrong.

Don’t Give Up

Before delving deeper into your situation, it is good to know that more often than not, marketing strategies and investments don’t yield expected results on the first try. Therefore it is a great idea to evaluate your success continually. If something is not delivering, then adjust or replace it with something else.

Are Your Expectations Reasonable?

When deciding that a particular strategy isn’t yielding the success that you have anticipated, then consider the fact that your anticipation maybe, wasn’t realistic. Often the aspiration is set on achieving brilliant goals. When goals are not realistic and almost impossible to achieve, then they do more harm than good. Dealing with the demotivation caused by goals that went by unmet do more harm than good. Instead, research your goals thoroughly and break them down into smaller sections for specific areas in your business, which then can be achieved and serves as motivation to make much more.


The importance of doing proper research can’t be emphasized enough. Referring back to the previous point of being sure your goals are realistic, but also to have a thorough knowledge of what your clients need. When you want to improve your business, it is of vital importance to know precisely what kind of clients do you want to attract, what are their needs and how do they need you to provide for those needs. You need to know what their lives look like, what places they like to visit, where they hang out, both physically as well as on social media, and what language do they talk.

Don’t Ever Assume Anything

In life and business, we are caught up in the web or our thinking, perspectives and needs. We assume that our clients share the same. Never think that you know what your client wants unless they have told you. Understanding anything in your marketing strategy can be detrimental in business.

Be Flexible

It is great to have a well-planned marketing strategy, but when it is not leaving any space to adapt and adjust, it is not serving you or your possible clients. Being too rigid in your plans robs you from the much-needed flexibility to be able to improve as the market change. Now is one of those times where flexibility is maybe needed to make the changes to your strategies and to make the remainder of the year count in your business.