What Makes B2B Inbound Marketing Better

The days of doing cold calls or sending spam emails seem to be gone. Not only does it annoy people, but the amount of work you need to put in to get leads just isn’t worth it. Of course, there are some ways outbound marketing could still be beneficial, but in comparison to inbound marketing, it simply doesn’t make sense in most cases, especially for businesses with social media accounts, professional online websites and detailed information about their products or services.

Just with these few examples of inbound marketing, we can always discuss incredible benefits that will turn your business profits around. Of course, many use a combination of inbound and outbound marketing, which works really well, but again, unless you do it right, the inbound marketing would simply outshine the other all the time.

Let’s have a look at the examples we’ve mentioned above and see how they are better than the outbound equivalent and how they make it easier for you and the client to get in touch and actually make a purchase.


The outbound marketing method would involve creating spam emails that could possibly relate to what the people or companies need. They would have to include every detail about what you do and how it could be beneficial, which of course takes hours. On top of that, you’ll have to hope that the people you send the email to actually have the time to read it and not just delete it or report it as spam, which is what most do.

Inbound marking would be a contact us email address or message board on your website. It would even be on your social media pages. The great thing about this system is that people who are already interested are getting in touch, which is a huge leap forward. Once they contact you, it would usually be just to find out more and discuss last minute details before they become clients as they would’ve already done the research on your site to ensure the basics meet up with their needs.


A call center team isn’t just expensive to maintain, the training takes time and there’s always management issues, staff calling in sick and the outbound calls just not performing the way you would’ve hoped. People don’t like giving their bank details over the phone and just don’t feel as secure with the idea, especially since everyone has dead of someone being scammed with this type of thing.

With inbound marketing, there rarely is a phone call involved, unless the client wants to find out about something that’s not clearly stated on your website or social platform. The inbound marketing equivalent of cold calling is a simple e-commerce website or a telephone number.

Clients have the option to place orders on the website, fill in all their details, shipment info and make payments with systems they trust and have used before. Not only does it make it a lot easier for the client, but you don’t have to waste time and annoy people by calling someone and hoping they might need the product or service you’re offering.