What is B2C?

Business to consumer (B2C) remains a form of business that’s used every day by just about everyone. It refers to a business selling directly to consumers, which could be individuals as well. For example, buying bread at the shop or getting a burger from McDonald’s is all forms of B2C.

So, what are the benefits of B2C and who would prefer this over B2B (business to business)? Well, there are actually many businesses that caret specifically to this form of business. However, it’s a completely different approach and provides business in a completely new way.

Below, we look at the two biggest forms of B2C options, including both retail and online stores. These are both great options for B2C companies and have their own advantages and disadvantages, which mostly relates to the expectations of the consumer.

Online B2C

The online world has taken over just about all forms of business, including B2B, B2C, G2B and more. This is because everyone now turns to search engines to find the details they need and the products they require. This makes it much easier to find various options and to compare.

Therefore, for those seeking an online B2C platform, there’s more involved as you need to go into the finest details and offer as much information as possible about the features and info about what you sell. Think for yourself, how many times have you gone onto a website just to exit again five seconds later as they don’t have the info? Well, this doesn’t just affect the selling of the specific product but buys subconsciously relate your website with not including info, even on other products, making them go elsewhere, even when you have exactly what they want.

Many believe the online shopping experience is much cheaper and a lot easier. However, it actually costs about the same when you consider professional content writers, web developers and the setting up of the eCommerce platform for hassle-free shopping. On top of that, you need to have shipping sorted out, not just in your area or country, but internationally.


B2C in a retail environment allows you to take more control on just how much you sell when you need stock and just how much of it you require. After a few months, you’ll be able to predict your sales and even plan far ahead. Of course, it’s possible that someone could buy more than anticipated, but it’s not a huge deal when it’s planned right. Besides, your consumers are within driving distance, allowing you to offer delivery when the item arrives.

The retail B2C choice is a little tougher when it comes to getting more clients. Sure, you can run specials, use marketing strategies and more, which are bound to boost your exposure, but it’s certainly not as easy as the only world has made it.

Therefore, many retailers and other forms of B2C have gone with an online and retail solution, which is a lot of work and loads of careful consideration when it comes to stock.