Uber Announces Electric Fleet for 2040

Automotive manufacturers worldwide are beginning to consider the concept of electric vehicles. This follows after Tesla’s market share continues to grow yearly. With additional models slated to release under Elon Musk’s watch, competing manufacturers must release their respective electric vehicles to maintain their profits.

Electric vehicles becoming more commonplace will assist other industries like Taxis Services. This became evident after the Uber Company announced on September 8th that by 2040, their fleet would be entirely electric worldwide. North America & the European Union have an earlier date listed in 2030. Their announcement comes as corporations are globally be pressured to become “Socially & Economically Responsible”.

Accomplishing this goal won’t be easy and will be financially costly for the international corporation. Uber confirmed that they’re dedicating $800 Million towards assisting drivers in their switch to an electric vehicle. This will require partnerships with manufacturers like General Motors, Tesla, Toyota, and the Ford Company. Discounts will be provided to drivers & grants given through Uber Corporate. This guarantees minimal cost to Uber’s workforce.

The Uber Company offers an electric fleet of vehicles in fifteen cities across the United States & Canada, costing consumers an additional $1.00 for the driver’s services. Representatives with the transportation firm guaranteed that 65 cities worldwide will be maintained by years end, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uber Competing Against Lyft

The Chief Executive Officer of Uber North America, Dara Khosrowshahi, provided a press release through her Twitter account. He expressed that it’s the responsibility of Uber to tackle the world’s most prominent challenge, climate change. Uber’s CEO noted a company-wide desire to use assist against this growing fight. Sentiments from Dara Khosrowshahi ended with the CEO stating they weren’t the first transportation firm to announce their electric fleet, with Lyft getting that privilege.

Lyft announced in June 2020 that they’d move towards an electric fleet by 2030, making this pledge months before Uber. Lyft’s announcement was praised & left Uber having to make a similar promise or face backlash. Uber will work with Renault, General Motors, and Nissan to ensure that its workforce can sustain the switch over to electric vehicles. General Motors will assist with North American markets, Renault with European Markets, and Nissan with both.