Two New Cookies in the Spring

Consumers willing to purchase products through electronic retailers with the coronavirus pandemic will be treated to two new products, with the first being from Chips Ahoy. The cookie manufacturer announced that they’re releasing a new product with Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, with this confirming rumours that had been circulating the web for a short period.

Consumers familiar with this brand know that typically you receive chocolate chips within a Chips Ahoy. Going forward, this specialized product for the Spring will support chunks of milk chocolate manufactured by Hersey’s. Those that love their chocolate have the perfect flavour to enjoy with this upcoming product, which will be available through Amazon and Wal-Marts eCommerce Site.

It should be mentioned that this new product was announced through their respective Instagram, noting that an additional cookie would be coming with Reese’s Pieces Candy. Representatives from Chips Ahoy expressed that these products could become a regularly-available product if sales exceed expectations. Considering the period of release, the chances of increased sales are minimal.

Here Comes Peeps!

Another product is slated to release for the Spring Season, with Peeps announcing that they’ll be releasing frosted sugar cookies to grocery chains in the coming weeks. Consumers typically have strong opinions when it relates to Peeps and frosted sugar cookies, making this a somewhat odd combination. Food Product Analysts suspect that sales would’ve been minimal with limited consumers supporting the Peeps Frosted Sugar Cookies.

Going forward those sales are slated to be even smaller, with the coronavirus forcing declining sales worldwide. Those wanting to purchase this product through electronic retailers will receive Yellow Marshmallow-Flavored Cookies, which will have pink or blue icing with yellow chick-shaped sprinkles. It should be mentioned that these products are slated for the Easter Season and won’t be available year-round.

Those willing to risk engaging with public retailers can find these cookies at Target, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Supervalu, Certco and Faraway. It’s suspected that the Peep Frosted Sugar Cookies will be available to consumers until June. Minimal exposure to this product is expected to have sales lower than $150,000.00 across North America. Following the COVID-19 Virus, this could be the worst financial season for Peeps in their brand’s history.