Twix and Taco Bell Release New Summer Treats

The summer quarterly season has arrived & even during the novel coronavirus pandemic; delicacy manufacturers are releasing their anticipated products. Consumers can thrive life into these products via online retailers, or in retail stores where still permitted. Two manufacturers announced their products for the 2020 summer season. One was expected with the other shocking product analysts.

Mars Incorporated made the shocking announcement that the “Twix Cookies & Crème Ice Cream Bars” were returning to store shelves. This follows after a notable disappearance from retail stores since the 1990s. These delicious frozen treats are mimicked after the “Twix Cookies & Crème Bar”. Inside is creamy vanilla ice cream, broken down chocolate chip cookies, and caramel. The combination of flavours is identical to its candy bar counterpart, with an extra boost that makes it that much more desired by consumers. Those wanting to purchase the Twix Cookies & Crème Ice Crème bars can find them in national grocery chains across North America, which are being sold in Six-Packs for $3.50.

The Taco Bell Slushie

Product analysts weren’t surprised when Taco Bell announced new flavours for their summer slushies, which has been a seasonal marketing campaign for the fast-food chain since 2014. The latest flavours consumers can purchase includes “Pineapple Freeze” and “Pineapple Whip Freeze”. It should be noted that the traditional flavours consumers are accustomed to are returning. There’ll even be a secretive slushie that die-hard Taco Bell supporters can select, with the fast-food giant releasing the mixture over Instagram.

It’ll be named the Tie-Dye Freeze & won’t be shown on the regular menu. Those entering the Drive-Thru or selected indoor retail locations can request the Tie-Dye Freeze. It will include a combination of Wild Strawberry Freeze, Pineapple Whip Freeze, and Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze. Those wanting to make a trip down to their local Taco Ball should know these slushies are available for a limited time. It’s also up to the franchisee if these slushies will be supported at their respective location. Check the online location menu to find out if the Taco Bell Freezes are supported.