Trump Support Grow Has $2.3 Million Stolen.

Hackers have begun fighting back against Russian & Chinese cybercriminal organizations. This follows after these organizations were responsible for altering the 2016 American Election, and enabling Donald Trump to become the US President. Hacking groups worldwide have begun targeting the campaigns of whichever Presidential Elect is preferred, with an overwhelming number of attacks occurring for Donald Trump & minimal for Joe Biden.

Political movements supporting President Donald Trump has also received external attacks from hacking groups. The most recent comes from the Wisconsin Republican Party, which had $2.3 Million in re-election funds for POTUS stolen. After learning of the $2.3 Million stolen overnight, the Federal Bureau of Investigations was contacted.

The attack was targeted towards Wisconsin purposely, with this State playing a substantial role in Donald Trump’s re-election. It’s a “Key State” that’s politically divided amongst Democrats & Republicans. That means obtaining every voter possible to enter their local voting booth is drastically required. Joe Biden hasn’t lost campaign funds for Wisconsin, but Donald Trump has, giving Presential Elect Biden a substantial opportunity at winning the State.

Hackers harvested funds from the Wisconsin Republican Party by altering vendor voices contracted by WRP. Whenever WRP Chairman Hill issued payments, finances were sent towards an unknown party in an undesignated location. It’s known that the Federal Bureau of Investigations has begun researching these hackers, looking for digital details that can reveal their location. However, finances won’t be reissued to the Wisconsin Republican Party. American Banks are viable to return $1 Million in stolen assets, nothing more. This means that either way, WRP has lost $1.3m from this attack.

Nobody is Safe

It should be mentioned that this isn’t the first attack the Wisconsin Republican Party has experienced in 2020. Chairman Hill anticipates that hackers attempt to breach their servers twice per week. Typically, cybersecurity programs defend WRP from losing their finances to unknown parties. It’s expected that severs malfunctioned when the attack was sustained. The Federal Bureau of Investigations will lookover computers owned & operated by the Wisconsin Republican Party. Any tampering of these machines will prompt an additional investigation into WRP themselves. Often stolen funds can be found from an internal source.