Trello: What it can do for your business

Currently, there are many ways of targeting your audience, and with technology growing as it is, digital media should not be overlooked, in fact, it should be very carefully considered. There are many apps to choose from to include in your marketing or advertising plan. Whether you are a large, well-known company, or just starting, Trello is an opportunity, affordable for all.

Almost all people have smartphones, especially all business people, so play on this obsession and utilise that to market your business to other businesses. The added advantage of using this marketing medium is that you can reach a huge target audience with little to no effort and minimal cost involved.


Trello is a project management app that is available to use for anyone with access to the internet on a computer or a smartphone. This app makes managing projects a breeze by dividing tasks into cards and allowing you to allocate a responsible person and a due date, helping to keep the cogs well oiled.

This digital marketing management tool is easily accessible and available for Android and iOS mobile devices and is also available from a laptop or personal computer. “Boards” are created for each project, and team members can be added and allocated to a task or multiple tasks. These are known as “cards” when a card is created; one can add comments, upload files, set a due date and time and add colour coded labels. This way, everyone can see what has been done and still needs to be completed. It will feel as if you are all sitting in the boardroom around one table, only you’ll have space, privacy and freedom and it won’t feel as if someone is breathing down your neck.

Trello for a business project

Using Trello allows you and your clients to both be aware of and track the progress of a venture. Should you not want them to have direct access to your staff, create another board between yourself and them, and update it accordingly.

One of Trello’s key features is that it can send out notifications either via email, or smartphone or both. Another element of Trello that makes it ridiculously convenient is that none of the board participants needs to be in the same building, town, city, country or continent, let alone on the same network.

Trello is great for everyday life

Consider using or at least testing Trello with your next big business to business marketing or advertising project, or any project actually. You could even use it to manage your children’s activities, homework, assignments and sporting events. It gives an old-school notice board feel that will put a nostalgic smile on your face. Teach your significant other to follow the notifications and your children will never be late again.