Tim Hortons Expanding in the UK

Restaurant Brands International announced an expansion of a prominent brand under their leadership. RBI Co. revealed that Tim Hortons is expanding outside of North America, and into the United Kingdom. The brand was infamously known to Canadians for decades until the late 2010s when Tim Hortons was sold to Restaurant Brands International. RBI taking ownership saw an immediate expansion into America, which was proven successful—repeating that success throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland could be challenging. However, expansion efforts are creating two thousand employment opportunities throughout the UK.

Introducing Tim Hortons to millions of UK Civilians won’t be that challenging. The brand first launched into the United Kingdom back in 2017, the same year that RBI took ownership. Their expansion efforts will begin in December 2020 in Milton Keynes, likely minutes off the M1 Highway Ramp. It should be noted that Restaurant Brands International determined expansion is needed after a 37% increase in revenue between 2019 to 2020.

Kevin Hydes, the Chief Commercial Officer of Tim Horton’s UK, clarified that economic challenges have risen for the fast-food industry. Kevin noted the exceptional performance & business model behind Tim Hortons, which likely thrived the 37% yearly growth. CCO Hydes promises that they’ll continue evolving & innovating their brand during the expansion period.

International Brand

Restaurant Brands International is a prominent fast-food conglomerate that manages Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Pop Eyes Chicken. Worldwide they’ve amassed more than 27+ thousand locations under the franchise model. RBI Co. would like to expand that number to 50+ thousand restaurants worldwide before 2025. That’ll be a challenging but accomplishable task, with Tim Horton’s popularity growing in the United States & Great Britain.

This doesn’t mean that Restaurant Brands International isn’t financially struggling during COVID-19. They’ve seen an international decline of revenue at 20% since July 2020. Tim Hortons saw the lowest decline at 30%, with Pop Eyes chicken seeing the highest losses at 60% of standard profits. RBI Executives don’t anticipate that profits will sustain former valuations until international lockdowns are terminated, and true normalcy is resumed worldwide. Regardless, expanding Tim Hortons throughout the United Kingdom could solve financial discrepancies associated with RBIs different brands.