Three Steps in the Guide to Marketing

There are quite a few steps in this guide, but this week we will take a look at target markets, goal setting and using technology. Knowing your buyer is crucial. You need to know them inside out so that the content you choose to present to them is appealing and relevant. The channels you want to reach them and the message you wish for them will keep you top of mind if chosen correctly.

Do this, create a representation of your target customer, obviously this needs to be based on data drawn and analysed from your market research. Also, take your existing customers into account. Generally, the manufacturers will have more than one target market; typical personas in industrial manufacturing include:

  • Design engineers
  • Procurement officers
  • Maintenance, Repairs and Operation Managers
  • Research and development teams.

As you work on the representation of your buyers, you will gain more insight; you will learn what influence they have on the buying process. Before starting any activities, set goals. Goals are set so that you have a benchmark to measure against to optimise your effectiveness. Your desired outcome must be clear. And you should be able to answer who, what, when, where and why.

Measurable Goals

The goals you set should not only be measurable, but you should be able to track your progress too. A visual representation of this might be beneficial to all involved. While being ambitious, do not set goals you cannot achieve. This will lead to demotivation of your team and yourself and inevitably fail. So set realistic goals with all resources considered.

Not only should your goal match your needs, but it should also run adjacent and in conjunction with other bigger goals set. Completion dates and times should be precise. There should also be someone accountable for each purpose. This will make sure that tasks are completed chronologically and will keep day to day tasks from taking priority over the main goals.

Setting your SMART goals will help you keep ahead of your plans, and direct you in an alternative direction when you see that a route taken is not advantageous. Technology is at everyone’s fingertips these days. Why not use it to your advantage. The more automated your efforts are, the more your team can focus on the bigger picture, the more time they can spend on the essential things. Use applications and software like G Suite, Trello, Yelp, and HubSpot CMR to help you and your marketing team with reaching the important goals you have set for yourselves.