Thirteen Year Product Marketing Campaign Terminated

Product Marketing Analysts were shocked with the unexpected headline that Cadbury had lost their thirteen-year partnership with the National Trust. It marks a significant loss for the United Kingdom youth, with Marketing Week being the news source that broke this story out. This decision wasn’t made by executives with the Cadbury Company but instead determined by organizers with the National Trust.

They’ve experienced increasing pressure to terminate the yearly Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt, which is considered one of the candy companies best product marketing campaigns in history. After multiple members in the National Trust expressed their concerns for Cadbury using palm oil in products, which is an environmental killer, organizers were forced to cancel the lengthy contract.

The National Trust will rename the tradition into “Easter Egg Trails”, with the chocolate being supplied from an unidentified source. Parents in the United Kingdom praised organizers to keeping the venue active under new suppliers, with the Cadbury contract in effect till 2021.

Disobeying this contract will bring the national agency difficulties in the courts, which is minimal in comparison to pleasing thousands of children. The Cadbury Company confirmed the news from Marketing Week, expressing that investors have strategically determined not to renew the contract. Cadbury refused to acknowledge their involvement with deforestation efforts for palm oil.

Health Concerns

United Kingdom Organizers with the National Trust expressed that they want healthier candies moving forward. This follows after parents and activists’ groups in the United Kingdom have urged the Easter Egg Trails event to become greener. Representatives with this association emphasized that it’s the right time for Easter to change. That the activities and treats received should representative the Easter Bunny himself.

Countless parents have revolted towards this decision, expressing that minimal chocolate isn’t destructive for children. All of these organizers would’ve gone out for Easter and Halloween, devoured chocolate countless times and needed the regular dentist check-up. Parents backlashing against this decision believe that this falls under the “Blame-Bully Culture”, which often destroys simple aspects of our day-to-day lives to prove ridiculous points that are immediately forgotten.

Individual organizers with the National Trust met each other during October 2019, where it was determined that the contract shouldn’t be deleted. After 4+ months of protestors continuously advertising against the Easter Egg Trails event, another meeting was held in January 2020, and Cadbury lost their contract. The information was announced weeks before Easter is set to unfold.