The Whiskey Campaign Saving Christmas Driving

Corporations are selecting which method of marketing is best during the 2020 holidays. Most have chosen to continue their holiday campaigns, working towards prominent profits for Q4 2020. Some companies have determined that running their holiday campaigns would be received as disrespectful during the Covid-19 pandemic. 1.31 million have died worldwide from this virus, with their respective families not having much to celebrate this year.

Distiller Whitley Neill in the United Kingdom has selected to continue their holiday campaign. It’s not meant to disrespect families in Great Britain and Northern Ireland that have witnessed death from Covid-19. Whitley Neill Corp is running this marketing campaign to remind those to maintain “Driver Awareness” during the holidays. It shows that the distillery corporation understands the reality associate dot this pandemic, which includes millions in the UK breaking physical distancing protocols during largescale holidays like Christmas. This was proven recently with Halloween 2020. Whitley Neill Corp should recognize some will be prompted to drink & drive, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Poster Campaign

Driving awareness isn’t the exclusive campaign that Distiller Whitley Neill is running during the 2020 holidays. An additional campaign is being sustained via posters at alcohol retailers across the United Kingdom. These posters are meant to educate consumers on the variety of flavours supported with “Whitley Neill Gin, Whiskey, and Rum”. Serving suggestions & social media channels are being listed with these targeted posters. It should be noted that all drink suggestions emphasis home usage during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The International Marketing Manager of Whitley Neill spoke on poster campaign. Kelly Coughlan emphasis that the growth of their brand requires educating consumers during iconic holidays for drinks, like Christmas. Kelly Coughlan believes that the popularity of the Whitley Neill brand will grow throughout the upcoming holidays & will show consumers that versatility is possible in their drinking. Whitley Neill Corp hopes that their social media presence will grow through these marketing campaigns, which could prompt the potential for international branding.

Consumers wanting to experience these liquors with delicious foods will be recommended through the Whitney Neill social media channels. It’s recommended that consumers follow their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.