The Samsung Galaxy S20 Lineup Revealed

Consumers were privileged with receiving an early announcement regarding the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup, which followed after considerable concerns regarding the coronavirus at the Mobile World Conference. These upcoming devices include three different models, with all of them being compatible with 5G Telecommunications. Those wanting to highest range model will require $1,3000.00 but will receive a modern flagship handset that outrivals anything else of the market. Consumers were also provided insight on the Galaxy Z Flip, which implements folding glass technologies to create a Flip-Phone.

The threat of the coronavirus didn’t only force Samsung to terminate their shows and booths at the 2020 Mobile World Conference, but it’s also pushing delayed production on all upcoming handsets. Supply chains on global markets will be affected, which will force a lengthy waitlist for individuals wanting to purchase these phones. Since the outbreak became a reality on December 31st, all factories in China have been shut down. Having a delayed workforce is better than a dead one but will affect Samsung’s bottom line throughout the 2020 fiscal year.

It should be noted that Samsung hasn’t been affected by the extremes of rival companies, like Apple or Huawei. This is because the Samsung Corporation operates factories in Vietnam, Europe and America. However, the South Korean company has all camera modules produced in the People’s Republic of China. It’s expected that delayed production will fall between 10 to 15% for the upcoming quarter. Samsung will enforce policies throughout China to minimise the impact, which will have a little effect on government demands to remain indoors at home.

The Model Options

The three models available for consumers to purchase include the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The 1st model provides consumers with 6.2 inches of screen real estate. There are three cameras provides, which includes the 65-megapixel telephone lens. Those wanting to purchase this model must spend $999.00 with additional taxes.

Individuals wanting the more exclusive models have two options, with the S20+ supporting a 6.7-inch display with the same camera modules as the standard version of this device. It costs an additional $200.00 to purchase this version, with the primary benefactor being added screen real estate. It’s the S20 Ultra that will be on consumers mind, with it receiving an additional periscope camera module with telephoto capabilities at 48MP. There’s also 0.2 inches of screen real estate as well. Individuals wanting to purchase the premium model must spend $1,399.00 with taxes.