The 2020 Asus ZenBook Duo

Millions throughout North America have seen advertisements for the 2020 Asus ZenBook Duo. It’s the latest Windows Laptop meant to compete against Apple’s MacBook Lineup. Similar to the strategies implored by Apple, consumers sacrifice internal strength for stunning aesthetics. Those not requiring a powerful laptop for editing videos & photographs are best suited for Asus’s ZenBook Duo. Minimal power is maintained through the internal components, meaning that editing documents & browsing the web or Windows Applications is the extent of the ZenBook Duos capabilities.

Consumers that purchase the 2020 iteration of this laptop obtain a 14-Inch 1080p Matte Primary Display. The secondary display is named the ScreenPad2 & supports a 12.6-inch IPS Panel. Both support touch capability, which peripherals like the Asus Active Stylus, enhancing the touch support. It’s a unique concept that’s been implemented multiple times from Asus, with their overall demographic appearing to the digital artists.

Those who were lucky to obtain the 2020 model before production quantities disappeared have noted their usage. Applications like Spotify & Twitter are used on the bottom screen, with the top panel perfect for engaging with standard documents. For parents needing to distract their children during prolonged homework sessions, this laptop is ideal for working on schoolwork & watching an educational video of YouTube. Those wanting to purchase this laptop will need $1,499.99 for the standard 15” model.

The Complaints

There have been notable complaints behind this model, which is being deemed worse than the 2019 iteration. That’s because the Asus Company didn’t unveil a Pro Edition of the ZenBook Duo for 2020, which followed after its 2019 counterpart didn’t sell to expectations. Altering the consumer’s mindset behind lifestyle products like the laptop is challenging, meaning more robust advertising should’ve been maintained in 2019. Implementing that level of advertising in 2020 with a lower-grade model could prompt issues for consumers. Under those complaints, Tech Analysts are recommending consumers avoid the 2020 Asus ZenBook Pro.

Another element that factors into these complaints regards the trackpad. Touchscreen trackpads were previously implemented on the “2019 Asus ZenBook Duo – Pro Edition” have been removed from its 2020 predecessor. It’s led to more issues when traversing online documents.