Tesla Selling Short Shorts

The Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Tesla confirmed their latest product releasing to the digital retail store. Elon Musk revealed through Twitter that the Red Satin Tesla Short Shorts are arriving this summer. Considered a novelty item from Tesla, this product is meant to honour their legacy hysterically. Dedicated supporters behind Tesla understand the joke behind these Short Shorts, which laugh in the face of their numerous doubters over the last decade.

Tesla is the 1st Electric Car Company, revolutionizing an entire industry. It’s hard not to come across the Tesla Model 3 or Y, which have both become popular vehicles in North America. Their popularity has pushed the Tesla Corporation into significant valuations, being worth more than any other auto manufacturer worldwide. The efforts & challenges that went into obtaining this goal almost bankrupted Elon Musk multiple times, forcing the CEO to foreclose his home & selloff personal property. After those initial struggles, he’d become the most innovate auto manufacturer since Henry Ford, which extends towards Elon Musk also revolutionizing the space industry with “SpaceX”.

Those thinking this might be some terrible joke from Elon Musk are incorrect. Consumers can purchase them immediately from the Tesla Digital Retail Store for $69.42. The associated price is in itself a joke, with 69 representing a sexual move performed by Elon Musk & his wife. The 42 references to marijuana, which became an essential part of Tesla’s history after Musk appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Elon smoked marijuana on the podcast & prompted Tesla’s stocks to drop immediately. He also became an infamous meme that’s circulated worldwide.

Short Shorts References

These “Red Satin Silk Short Shorts” references all four vehicles that have been designed by Tesla. Located on the rear-side of these Short Shorts, the word “S3XY” appears in gold lettering. This references the Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3. Those wanting to purchase these short shorts are recommended not to wear them & keep them stored. Items like these will become Collector Editions decades from now. Tesla Incorporated will be remembered similarly to Ford, with thousands of fans worldwide willing to inquire anything regarding the brand.