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Don’t Roll the Dice on your Business Case

So the business case for your new product is completed and you are ready to present it to your execs. As suggested in a previous post, you have consulted with the key decision-makers prior to the presentation and of course they disagree with your numbers and/or your assumptions. Your ability to drive everyone to a consensus […]

Do You Have a Participation Strategy for Your Product?

Recently, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to hear Jackie Huba, the author of “Citizen Marketers: When People are the Message”, speak about marketing in the Web 2.0 world.  She made many great points, but when she talked about a Participation Strategy, I really took notice.  Here are some of her ideas with some […]

Crossing the Internal Chasm

We are all familiar with Geoffrey Moore’s concept of “Crossing the Chasm,” which applies to new-to-the-world products entering an undefined market. However, little has been written or said about the internal chasm that a new product (along with the product manager) must often cross inside their own company to become successful in a B2B market. […]

Business cases that work Part 2/2

This is a continuation of a previous blog which deals with the details of successfully executing, presenting and gaining acceptance of a business case. In a future post we will deal with the content of that business case. Think long and hard about the recommendations which you present to your management. During the presentation, go over the obvious […]

Developing a New Product? Start with the Price

It’s usually true that most members of an organization appreciate how pricing has the potential to be used as a strategic tool. Unfortunately, it is also fairly universal that many are at a loss as how to best incorporate pricing into their new product development process for strategic advantage. At many software companies new products […]