Social Media Marketing, Know Your Followers

Your social media accounts have been set up, and your number of followers is growing. It is a proud moment, but it is not reflecting in your bottom line. Why? It is not the number of followers in your crowd that matters; it is the quality of the followers.

In general, 1% of your followers create 20% of the traffic towards your site, which then leads to conversions. This 1% is the influencers of your product sales, and they can drive up to 30% of your deals by recommending and sharing your products and promotions.

You need to determine who these influencers on your social media platforms are, to grab their attention more often and increase sales. By engaging them, you join a much larger crowd. These are the people with whom you want to build a genuine and long-term relationship. So how do you determine who these influencers are?

Identifying the influencers

To effectively determine the followers who drive your sales, you need social media analytical tools to track your followers. Through tracking and statistics, you can tell exactly who they are. There are many useful analytical tools available, and they are easy to set up and use.

What do your influencers like?

It is essential to know what this group of influencers prefers to share. Do they share promotions or contributions, adding value through information? Understanding makes it easier to group your influencers according to their preferences. Now your marketing plan developed a more focused approach and can lead to a higher success rate.

What other social media platforms do they visit often?

This is valuable to you, since once you know what platforms they also visit, the format of your marketing change in a way so that it can easily be shared onto other platforms and reach a different crowd. An example would be that if someone is following you on Facebook, which serves a general gathering and you have gained interest from an influencer, the likelihood is good that this influencer is also active on other platforms. If you have made it easy to share your marketing to different platforms, then they’ll probably share it. The difference is that now your marketing is shared on a platform where people already have an interest in your field. That is powerful and directed marketing through a few simple and easy steps. Find out where these people are also active by following them on your media platforms and ask them where they prefer to learn more and upskill themselves. Those are the places you need to be.

Influencers thrive on fame

What would motivate people to share your product? For a lot of influencers, it is about reputation, getting recognition and applauding them for what they have done. The top influencers can also achieve access to exclusive info and content. So with this in mind, in sales, 20% of your customers will create 80% of your turnover. Therefore, you spend more time on them. The same principle is also true for social media.