SDD Leaves Great Britain’s Test to Release Program

Quarantining for travellers is required in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, as the United Kingdom government continues to battle against the pandemic. Politicians have gained awareness that the standard civilian has grown impatient of quarantine lifestyle, with that extending tenfold for travellers. Parliament initiated the “Test to Release Program” in response, which enables tourists to eliminate nine-days of quarantining after returning to the UK. It means quarantine periods are shortened to five-days, which becomes possible after tourists purchase a PCR Covid Test.

When parliament announced the TTR Program, companies capable of sustaining private testing were requested to assist. Dozens of testing firms completed days of paperwork, with eleven selected to complete remote testing. Those companies elected have found severe challenges providing thousands of tourists with capable testing. It’s prompted one firm to terminate their participation within 24-Hours is the TTR Program began.

United Kingdom’s Airlines admitted that problems had arrived with internal-testing and required the assistance of trained personnel on larger scalers to move forward with operations. Airlines hoped that testing firms wouldn’t be overwhelmed, believing that an influx of travellers wouldn’t be seen. After UK Civilians learned that by purchasing a PCR Covid Test enabled five-days of quarantining, an immediate spike in tourist activity was seen.


The “Test to Release Program” began on December 15th, with testing firms emphasising they’d become overwhelmed by public demands. SameDayDoctor was the company that terminated their involvement, noting that the paperwork alone became a challenging hurdle to overcome. SameDayDoctor spent several days completing the paperwork, hoping to become accredited. The Chief Executive Officer of SameDayDoctor noted that hours after opening, operations began overwhelmed. It prompted Doctor Laurence Gerlis to terminate testing.

Sadness regarding SameDayDoctor having to cancel their involvement with the TTR Program was mentioned by its CEO. He noted that for thousands, their services were needed. CEO Laurence Gerlis said it wouldn’t have become possible & that testing personnel would have become physically overwhelmed in unfavourable conditions. It’d take before Midnight on December 15th for SameDayDoctor to become inundated. Ten testing firms remain with those companies also evoking an overwhelming sentiment. Under these attributes, it’s not likely the TTR Program can sustain itself for prolonged periods.