Redefine Your Business & Marketing Strategies via Trends Setters in 2019

Every sales and marketing manager have 365 days in 2019 to utilize the best strategies to increase sales and create brand awareness. Many marketing speakers have shouted out the trends expected to increase sales in 2019. The world is changing at an unbelievable fast pace, it is difficult enough to keep up with the ever-changing market, although experts believe the only way to be better equipped for the new year is by planning ahead.

Advertising & How it is Affected by the Fact that 30% of all Internet Users Using Add Blockers

One thing that was clear at the start of 2018, was that more and more internet users were using ad blockers, by mid-year it was confirmed that at least 30% of all users would make use of ad blockers. This meant that traditional ads would not even reach 30% of the possible target-able online audience.

Experts believe marketers should not abandon all online ads completely, ads can still be effective, although these need to be valuable and relevant to the consumer. This is also the main reason why more money is spent on influencing and content marketing as well as referral partnerships.

In 2015, the Nielsen study showed that the four most effective and trusted advertising methods were word of mouth, editorial sites, review and branded sites. Adds were then already almost at the bottom of the list and nothing has changed since.

Top Marketers Know Success Comes from Creativity, Not Conformity

For a couple of years now, everyone believes that print is dead, although in the past year a software company asked all its clients for their physical addresses and printed newsletter, which was sent to the clients. Many would not even think of trying this marketing concept, especially not in the age of Hub-spot and Mail-chimp, which means the software company spent additional money to market in a way seen as old-fashioned. The campaign turned out to be an enormous success. While all other businesses went digital, the company wanted to do something different, and it worked. It does not mean that printing is the answer, simply that creativity is needed in the new year instead of conformity.

Authenticity and Helpfulness Will Recover Relationships Lost via Automation and Tech

Automation covers all the basic tasks, which makes is vitally important that businesses ensure that personal touch is added, especially when it comes to customer services. One of the most consulting companies has done a truly impressive job of automated communication, although the consultants still visit every customer, in person, once per year to get to know their clients better and to improve their relationship with the people that matter most to the company. Statistics show that the clients visited spend more money at the firm and also stay loyal to the company much longer. Technology and automation are part of the future, the key is preventing it from costing relationships built up over several years.