Product Makers Racing to Advertise as Coronavirus Killers

Global manufacturers behind household products are strategizing how they can advertise their brands as coronavirus killers. One corporation has begun implementing its strategy, with Reckitt Benckiser confirming that they have a strain of the coronavirus. Under scientific laboratory definitions, this virus is named SARS-CoV-2. Reckitt Benckiser Inc is using an independent lab to determine if their particular products can terminate this virus. Those products include Dettol and Lysol.

It’ll be challenging for Reckitt Benckiser Inc to stipulate their product can terminate the coronavirus. This extends to additional global manufacturers, with both the European Union and the United States defining that products wanting to make this claim must be regulatory-approved through a certified lab and have an effective rate of 99.9%. When the MERS-Coronavirus broke out in 2012, it became a substantial health concern with cleaning products unable to terminate 99% of the cells. It’s suspected that similar results will be seen throughout these laboratory tests. The novel coronavirus started in Wuhan and infected 100 nations worldwide.

Opportunistic Challenges

Whenever global pandemics occur, significant corporations often benefit in the long-run by providing solutions to consumers. Similar outcomes will follow with the coronavirus, as household brands can ensure the public a guaranteed way to fight this frightening disease. Reckitt could have to employ scientific engineers to create new cleaning solutions that are specifically targeted towards Covid-19. The cost would be substantial, but the payoff could be even more significant, with sustainable profits coming during the winter season if this virus became a yearly epidemic. Considering that Covid-19 shares similar genetics to Influenza, this is entirely possible.

When Reckitt Benckiser confirmed that they’d acquired a sample of the novel coronavirus, the immediate concern was regarded towards its transportation. Confirmations were made that WHO-Approved methods were implemented to ensure public safety. Many disinfectants will be used against this sample of the coronavirus, which will be completed after multiple duplications are created in a confined laboratory. Reckitt Benckiser did confirm that under the confirm none of their previous disinfectants work, new solutions will be developers to ensure consumers a fighting chance.

Shipping these potential cleaning solutions will be another logistical challenge for Reckitt Benckiser. Multiple forms of shipping have been terminated, with nations implementing travel restrictions on specific goods. Some countries determine cleaning supplies not to be a necessity.