Portuguese Scientist Create Coronavirus Killing Face Mask

Innovation for viral medical products is growing daily, with the COVID-19 Pandemic continuing to ravage the worldwide economy. Portuguese Scientists announced on July 28th that they’d made a formidable breakthrough with coronavirus protective devices, confirming a face mask which supports special coating in its structure. This assists with the destruction of COVID-19 whenever it contacts protective fabrics, with Portugal’s Scientists remarking each mask sustains 50 Washes & should be cleaned twice per week. This means one mask can last half a year.

Details on the coating material weren’t provided to ensure competing corporations don’t steal their formula. However, it was mentioned that infectious materials from COVID-19 are killed by 99% in thirty minutes. Creating this formula required the assistance of virologists & an array of other scientists. This included Pedro Simas, who works under the Lisbon Institute of Molecular Medicine. He believes that Portuguese Scientists have created a game-changing viral protectant, especially when combined with physical distancing protocols.

Pedro Simar emphasized that viral infections like COVID-19 are transmitted via bodily droplets that are approximately 1mm in size. These respiratory droplets are nearly impossible to defend against, which is why governments worldwide recommended the N95 mask. Companies and Education Institutions have worked diligently to provide global civilians with more options. It’s estimated that by Mid-2021 there’ll be 100+ viable options for viral face equipment.

Sentiments from Virologist Simar ended by clarifying any addition to physical distancing & face mask is warranted during this period. Pedro supported the new technology after it was tested by multiple organizations worldwide, including France’s Centre of Disease Control. They’d confirm that Portuguese Scientists had also created an effective deterrent against Rotavirus & the H1N1 Flu.

Safe for Usage

Those concerned about the specialized coating used with these face masks shouldn’t be, with all organizations that tested the formula clarifying that there aren’t harmful substances inside. Humanity is cleared to use these masks without any additional concern to their health, effectively protecting themselves from COVID-19. Anybody wanting to obtain these masks will have to wait until later this year, with rough timeframes suggesting the 2020 Winter Holiday Season.