Pinterest A Beginners Guide in Getting Started

Once you’ve enjoyed placing all your favourite photo’s or other images on Pinterest, it could become quite an addictive hobby, but if that is one of the online pleasures you have not yet experienced, then this guide is bound to get you going in no time. So, whether you are new or not yet an experienced Pinterest user, this guide will ensure you become a pro.

Pinterest Business vs Personal

Business and personal accounts look similar on Pinterest although there are quite a few differences new users should be aware of if you wish to use it for commercial purposes, create a business account, read the terms and agree to the business service terms. Users can also specify the name of their business instead of trying to fit it into the first and last name space that is part of the personal accounts.

Major benefits of Pinterest business account are that it offers a wide educational library stocked with business-focused content for new users wishing to learn more about the marketing purposes. It is great in assisting new users to set up their business profiles, tell their story and build a community, while it also offers tips on how to generate traffic to your page. Once you select the business option, it also unlocks a variety of ways to promote pins via paid advertising, which works closely with the campaigns offered by Facebook.

Business Account Set-Up

The onscreen steps in creating a business account are easy to follow and requires a business name and then a username. Ideally, you should use something very close to your business name as this will help with brand recognition while it is a fabulous way to make it easy for individuals to contact you directly via several other social media platforms.

The steps in getting started includes verifying your business website, which is perfect since visitors can then follow the link to your website, which also increases your site’s visitors total. Once set-up, remember not to remove the FTP, but before you even get there, the process does require HTML downloading and uploading it to your server before you can click the button on Pinterest to complete the process.

Admin Done & Fun Begun

That is the admin part done, and it is time for the fun to begin as the next task is to create boards and then finding content to pin to each of the boards. Users can also add a Pinterest pin it bookmarklet to their browser to ensure fast pinning of items. Name each of the boards in such a fashion that visitors can identify their interests and at the same time it makes it much easier for you to know where to pin new stuff. The boards created should cover every part of your service or business and naming it based on keywords most searched. The more you add to your Pinterest account, the more traffic you can expect, and by pinning daily, you constantly increase the content as well as content the Pinterest audience might be interested in.