When Marketing Strategies Fail

The Mid-year Anguish

So you have started 2019 on a note of excitement and anticipation. This is going to be the year in which you create great marketing strategies which bring in many new clients. Nothing could dampen you, and you entered the year armed with tips and tricks, apps and guidelines. Beginning June, you realize that you haven’t yet achieved half of your goals, and the concern is quickly progressing into anxiety and anguish. When your marketing is not showing the expected return on investment which you projected, then it is a great idea to re-evaluate your plans to see what went wrong.

Don’t Give Up

Before delving deeper into your situation, it is good to know that more often than not, marketing strategies and investments don’t yield expected results on the first try. Therefore it is a great idea to evaluate your success continually. If something is not delivering, then adjust or replace it with something else.

Are Your Expectations Reasonable?

When deciding that a particular strategy isn’t yielding the success that you have anticipated, then consider the fact that your anticipation maybe, wasn’t realistic. Often the aspiration is set on achieving brilliant goals. When goals are not realistic and almost impossible to achieve, then they do more harm than good. Dealing with the demotivation caused by goals that went by unmet do more harm than good. Instead, research your goals thoroughly and break them down into smaller sections for specific areas in your business, which then can be achieved and serves as motivation to make much more.


The importance of doing proper research can’t be emphasized enough. Referring back to the previous point of being sure your goals are realistic, but also to have a thorough knowledge of what your clients need. When you want to improve your business, it is of vital importance to know precisely what kind of clients do you want to attract, what are their needs and how do they need you to provide for those needs. You need to know what their lives look like, what places they like to visit, where they hang out, both physically as well as on social media, and what language do they talk.

Don’t Ever Assume Anything

In life and business, we are caught up in the web or our thinking, perspectives and needs. We assume that our clients share the same. Never think that you know what your client wants unless they have told you. Understanding anything in your marketing strategy can be detrimental in business.

Be Flexible

It is great to have a well-planned marketing strategy, but when it is not leaving any space to adapt and adjust, it is not serving you or your possible clients. Being too rigid in your plans robs you from the much-needed flexibility to be able to improve as the market change. Now is one of those times where flexibility is maybe needed to make the changes to your strategies and to make the remainder of the year count in your business.

LinkedIn Excels as Social Media Marketing Tool

LinkedIn has more than 575 million users, of which more than 260 million are active monthly. Many of these are decision-makers, in senior-level positions or company influencers. Statistics indicate that LinkedIn is by far the most popular platform for B2Bcontent marketing, and it is excellent for lead generation. Research shows LinkedIn is 277% more successful with lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. Big or small, to have a well-planned LinkedIn strategy seems to be beneficial. How do you develop a well-planned LinkedIn strategy to achieve optimal results for your business?

Determining Your Current Position and Tracking Your Results

To be able to build the perfect strategy, you need to be clear on why you want to do this. Determine what your goals are. Is it to drive traffic to your website, share ideas or generate more leads?

A second and significant step is to determine where you are currently at. Google Analytics can determine what your conversion rates were over a set, and you can track how many traffic is referred to your website from LinkedIn. This is an effective way to track your progress to determine whether your plan is valid or not.

Moving Forward

Once you have determined what your goals are and how to track your results, the plan can now proceed to how to attract attention and clients. First and foremost is to write more content. Instead, write your content than posting links to other pages or posts. Stats indicate that longer and individual posts do attract more interest and in the business of marketing, the benefit is golden nuggets not to be declined. Tips on posting include that you must add value with your posts. This is your brand you are building, so the best is to present it as a brand of value.

Don’t be shy to tag people in your posts. When you tag someone in your posts, their connections also see your posts, and this is broadening your reach and creating a more extensive network.

Make use of hashtags. Even when you are not connected to the primary influencers linked to the specific hashtag, it will still end up in the feed of people searching for content related to your hashtag.

Create some videos and load it onto LinkedIn. This process is called native video’s and refers to the fact that videos are loaded directly onto LinkedIn and is not shared from your Youtube channel to your LinkedIn profile. Videos are vital in a marketing plan.

Then lastly, always remember that people connect with people. When it comes to posting content in your business’s feed, it is helpful to have influencers who will display the same content on their feeds. Employees with large followings are great for this. People follow people, therefore get people to share your business’s brand. These guidelines are significant actions to grow your LinkedIn presence from to harvest the benefits that this B2B tool has to offer.

Social Media Marketing, Know Your Followers

Your social media accounts have been set up, and your number of followers is growing. It is a proud moment, but it is not reflecting in your bottom line. Why? It is not the number of followers in your crowd that matters; it is the quality of the followers.

In general, 1% of your followers create 20% of the traffic towards your site, which then leads to conversions. This 1% is the influencers of your product sales, and they can drive up to 30% of your deals by recommending and sharing your products and promotions.

You need to determine who these influencers on your social media platforms are, to grab their attention more often and increase sales. By engaging them, you join a much larger crowd. These are the people with whom you want to build a genuine and long-term relationship. So how do you determine who these influencers are?

Identifying the influencers

To effectively determine the followers who drive your sales, you need social media analytical tools to track your followers. Through tracking and statistics, you can tell exactly who they are. There are many useful analytical tools available, and they are easy to set up and use.

What do your influencers like?

It is essential to know what this group of influencers prefers to share. Do they share promotions or contributions, adding value through information? Understanding makes it easier to group your influencers according to their preferences. Now your marketing plan developed a more focused approach and can lead to a higher success rate.

What other social media platforms do they visit often?

This is valuable to you, since once you know what platforms they also visit, the format of your marketing change in a way so that it can easily be shared onto other platforms and reach a different crowd. An example would be that if someone is following you on Facebook, which serves a general gathering and you have gained interest from an influencer, the likelihood is good that this influencer is also active on other platforms. If you have made it easy to share your marketing to different platforms, then they’ll probably share it. The difference is that now your marketing is shared on a platform where people already have an interest in your field. That is powerful and directed marketing through a few simple and easy steps. Find out where these people are also active by following them on your media platforms and ask them where they prefer to learn more and upskill themselves. Those are the places you need to be.

Influencers thrive on fame

What would motivate people to share your product? For a lot of influencers, it is about reputation, getting recognition and applauding them for what they have done. The top influencers can also achieve access to exclusive info and content. So with this in mind, in sales, 20% of your customers will create 80% of your turnover. Therefore, you spend more time on them. The same principle is also true for social media.

Online Operators Only Change on Survival is to Become Information Powerhouses

Operators do have a secret weapon, and it is called content marketing. When asked about the marketing strategies in online gambling, the director of Ghostfoundary, Martyn Hannah, revealed that the only way to survival is information powerhouses.

There is only one thing online casino operators and sportsbooks can do right now to increase player retention and acquisition is to create content. By launching a content hub, the operators provide players with added value that could get them to wager more and on the other hand; it highlights the brand.

Content A Marketing Strategy Above the Rest

Content offers operations countless benefits when it comes to SEO’s, marketing and compliance. A content hub is an answer, and it should be entertaining, educating and reader and player engaging.

Getting started with content would require a page dedicated to the operator’s casino and sportsbook section. The page needs to offer video content, gaming guides, the latest news and articles regarding betting or game features. It must be a place where online players can find daily, weekly or monthly resources regarding gambling. If the content is engaging and entertaining, it could get the attention of individuals interested and not interested in gaming.

Engage the Audience, Update Regularly – Enjoy the Benefits

Some of the most established brands already offer large volumes of content to readers and members over the past couple of years. Popular posts include tips and know-how on slots as well as strategic tips on blackjack. Large volumes of content assist the brands in connecting with members as well as potential players. For most sports enthusiasts and those passionate about gambling, it is essential to connect with the site. Content helps the player to connect to the site, and many enjoy reading updates or new strategies on different games.

Engaging content that entertains, engages and also educates the reader will build a feeling of trust, and when they decide to wager, they are more likely to do so with a site that offers tons of reading material. The most significant benefit is the value of SEO; this is tremendously important to all operators. There is a reason the leading brands invest as heavily in content, and that is the SEO value and links that are the most effective in marketing. The value further increases if the site continues to update the content.

Operator’s Best Secret Weapon in Marketing Battle

Operators that have still not invested and this means appropriately invested in content, miss out on the most significant marketing opportunity. Hiring content writers are but a fraction of the price of other methods in marketing and by far the most effective way to engage with members of the public. A well-marketed product is the one that stands out; content marketing leaves rival out in the cold. There are many approaches to retaining players, although an investment in content has proven to work by far, the best.

Ground-Breaking Technology by Trustly Changes Online Gaming

Since Trustly introduced its new Pay N Play technology, there has been great excitement in the online casino world. The European payment supplier’s in-banner, pay and play technology is an innovative option that increases the user’s experience by adding a seamless payment solution.

Pay N Play Payment Option

Pay N Play development started in 2015, and Trustly’s focus was on streamlining the online users and operators experience. The players will no longer be obligated to provide online casinos with personal details or submit proof of identity. The new service is not limited to Trustly members and offers an instant solution to play at online casinos, once payment is made to Trustly.

No Casino Registration Required

The service provider then opens an account in the background on behalf of the player, and the operator receives the cash from Trustly. Players no longer need to complete application forms to play at the casino or to register an account.

Once the payment is made to the service provider, the cash takes seconds to reflect in the casino account. The player quotes a number obtained from Trustly and starts enjoying their most favoured games.

Documentation No Longer Required

The main benefit of the Trustly Pay N Play service is not only removing the necessity of registering an account but also to guarantee fast payouts. , and once the member wants to cash out winnings. The casino transfer funds within an hour to Trustly and players have quick access to their winnings.

Excellent Payment Solutions Offered by Trustly

The Trustly Group AB established in 2008 and offers international payment services from and to bank accounts at more than 3,000 banks across twenty-nine European markets. Trustly was ranked the fastest growing company in 2017 as well as 2018 in Europe, and it is the most recognised on the London Stock Exchange and FT1000 list.

Trustly Pan N Play Limited to Selected Few Countries

Based in Sweden, the headquarters of Trustly is in Stockholm, while regional offices are based in Malta, Spain, Germany and Finland. These are also the countries to first benefit from the new Pay N Play online casino system. Currently, over 240 individuals are employed by the company registered and licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Safe, Convenient & Fast Services Offered by Trustly

Some of the leading online operators have already recognised the benefits offered by the new Pay N Pay system and already added it to their list of approved payment options. Although this new payment option is currently exclusive to only a few countries, there is no doubt that it will soon be accepted in most places. It is one of the most exciting ways to play at online casinos, while it removes the hassle of registering with the casino. For players, it is a safe option since sensitive and personal information needs no sharing and payouts are much quicker.