Most Effective Way to Blog in Business

Business writing is a tricky subject all on its own, especially when you’re explaining a product or service. Blogging is great for products and services, but it gets difficult to remain on the blogging side instead of going into a whole description about each aspect of what you or the business does.

It’s important to remember that blogging is all about getting people and other companies to find out about you and what you do, but at the same time, using jargon or product specific descriptions might not motivate all potential clients to visit other pages of the site.

Therefore, you need to plan your blogs well and consider what companies and people who have no idea what it is you do would find interesting. Sure, we can all go into extreme detail about what we do, but someone who isn’t as involved in that specific fiend might not understand everything or what it is you’re trying to promote.

Below, we look at an effective way to create a blog that’s interesting, attractive for clients and easier for you to write without having to pull out the manual for the items or services available. Keep it simple, get the word out and most importantly, keep it interesting!

Choose your Heading – Keywords

Once you’ve done the research and found out what keywords have high search volumes and relate directly to the subject of the blog, think about a catchy heading. This doesn’t have to rhyme or anything, but rather tell the reader what the article is about in a way that makes it attractive.

Choosing an interesting heading also adjusts the tone of the blog, allow you to get a little creative and draw the reader in with a heading that most would be interested. Of course, it takes a little time to think that way, but looking at other headings would be a good start, especially those relating to similar information.

Use Unique Information

If you Google “what’s the best smartphone”, you’ll get loads of articles telling you every detail about the best phone’s CPUs, how much ram they have and how great the screen is, but not all would provide specific details such as the way it feels in your hand or how difficult it is to reach to the other side of the screen. When you write a blog, you’ll want to be unique with the content and provide the reader with details they can’t find anywhere else.

Be sure to research your competitors and see what key information they’re missing. Keep in mind there’s always someone out there who would want to know the smallest detail for a specific purpose, and if you mention it, you can count on a new client almost instantly.

Once again, it takes time to provide those details, but the more you create blogs and research, the easier and more exciting it becomes. Eventually, your wiring improves along with the information you include with each new article you post.

B2B Social Inbound Marketing Explained

Inbound marketing is defined as a strategy to attract potential clients to your business, which as we know can be achieved in many ways. In today’s online-driven world, company websites have become the most popular as businesses and clients are able to search for products, read about them and head straight to the business selling the services or items they desire.

Inbound marketing provides the buyer with key information regarding the product or service they might require. However, to ensure you appear among the results, it’s best to research the possible search phrases and keywords clients enter into search engines. Then, you’ll need to ensure your content performs well and allows the potential client to find all the details about the service they need.

We’ve all been on websites with limited information about a particular item or service, which is frustrating, and we usually end up leaving the website without much interaction. Sites with limited information tend to turn off potential buyers the most as they don’t have time to get in contact with you, especially not if many other sites have the details they want.

Why A Blog is Important

Therefore, it’s not only important to supply the info, but also keep the blog page up to date on new services and items available. The information allows the client to learn about your product and why they need it, taking them from “stranger” to regular visitor as they keep up with the blog.

Not all clients would interact or need something from a specific blog post, but the most you post about unique services and features, the better your chances are of getting new leads from those visitors.

Create Social Media Accounts

Depending purely on your website’s SEO abilities isn’t enough, unless you offer a very distinctive service or product that not many others have available. Even then, it’s well worth taking the time to create business pages on social platforms as it allows clients to follow your blogs and keep up with new features as they release.

Clients can easily forget your specific web address or struggle to find you again, but if they join your social pages, they’ll always know where to go, find your contact details and make the move to be a customer.

The more social accounts you have, the better as not all clients would use specific platforms. For example, if you have a product that looks great, use special media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to show off the ideas and allow potential clients to share it with their friends and family. This way, social media doesn’t just stop with blogging, but also allows your audience to grow rapidly and much further than you’d expect.

Have a Call to Action Button

Setting up the social media pages take only a few minutes, but it’s important to go through all the options and fill in as much detail as possible. Not only does it make your business easier to find, but it allows clients to interact and communicate with you as well. Be sure to add messaging options, contact numbers, website address and trading hours.

Professional B2B Firm Growth Strategies

For most considering B2B marketing, outbound and direct techniques come to mind, finding other businesses that could benefit from your services directly and sending a proposal. While this is a very effective way to B2B marketing, the success rate depends on your technique.

Considering the ever-changing business and marketing environment, it’s almost as if businesses no longer depend on your trophy case, but rather search Google as a form of evaluation and comparison. Having something no one else offers is a great advantage, but it almost seems impossible as you’ll need to cater to each individual company’s needs, or do you?

Since it’s all online these days, the first impressions are most important, starting with the research you do before approaching a business right through to delivering the strategical closure of your agreement. Of course, many steps fall between those points, but each has to be perfect and impressive to the businesses you cater to.


Research relates to a lot more than just finding your clients as it gives you the opportunity to get to know your target without asking any questions. The internet provides huge amounts of information about just about everything you want to know, allowing you to get to know your client and include the right information in your proposal.

The right research could allow you to directly answer their questions before they even ask them, creating a solid foundation that appears highly impressive from the first moment the approach is seen.

Find out what they need, why you’ll be best and if there’s anything you’ll be able to offer rather scares in the industry. Dig deep and find out what would give you service a big enough edge that the company would consider changing service providers. All of this is possible, but it takes time and a huge amount of research.

Have the Product/Service

Having a product or service few others can match is the first and biggest step into the door as most businesses want more from proposals. They want to know what’s new in your approach and how they can benefit from it.
Being specialised in a particular field has become the biggest success with services as few others can match what you provide and contribute towards the success of a business. Therefore, it’s important to position your services in a way that aids the company’s growth.

Once you’ve done research, find out how you can assist with your own services and consider getting partners involved to provide other services to the company they require. Therefore, you’ll not only add to the company’s growth but actually provide multiple solutions, all at once place!

Impress with your Website

Getting a client’s interest is the first major step, but now it’s time to impress with a well-designed website where they can view your success and services at their own pace. Having a striking and focused site is a must as most would only spend a few seconds on a site that doesn’t seem to provide the details they require.
Once again, research plays a major role in the website as you need to ensure it tells clients about what’s important to them while also introducing what’s unique about your services.

How to Apply the World’s Most Effective Marketing Campaign to Your Business

The story of the world’s most effective B2B marketing campaign is one of how a man took his budget worth $6,000 and turned it into $64 million if he can, so can you. Most marketers are familiar with HubSpot, and if not, you have heard about content marketing.

Content marketing is just one of the many things that actually took both the business and marketing worlds by storm. It is a magical idea to create content for your page or blog, and people get to read it as it is what attracts more customers to your site. It is not only a nice idea, but it also works much better than you would care to know, it is far more effective as most could imagine and as more and more marketers realise the potential it becomes more challenging to do. So today it is no longer a thing of using content to market it is all about how to make the content work best for you.

Content No Longer Just Blogging

Most people think of blogging when they hear the word content and while it remains a way of marketing it is one of the ways. What you need is the most usable free content tool which helps you to grade your website.
If you want to know that your website is up to the task, HubSpot’s Website Grader helps you to grade your website in terms of search optimization, security and mobile responsiveness.

Slogan Maker

Shopify’s Slogan Maker is the next free tool you need and this time it is to correctly describe your business.

CoSchedule Headline Analyser

The third free tool you need is the handy Headline Analyser by CoSchedule. It will ensure you get more clicks, attract more search results and enjoy top social shares.

Why You Need These Free Tools

It is actually quite easy to figure out why we recommend the use of all three tools listed, they are all crucial in lead generation, and that is what any website is all about. It is a lot more difficult to achieve lead generation via a blog post. You need to place highly relevant information on your site. The free tools are an extremely handy tool to have as it shows you how well your content could function in the task of directing traffic to your site and also what ratings you can expect from Google.

Back to the $64 Million Campaign

After analysing the above page, it became clear to the HubSpot marketer that more content was needed around the same topic to make an impact and that it should be marketing on social media to reach new audiences. The variety of content on the website at the stage of the analysis also did not include much content besides the marketing and sales topics so to attract a wider audience it would require a different approach.

By using the above tools, the marketer bought a new domain name, created a logo and set up an email provider. It is then that it struck him that he should create an email signature generator. Via promoting it and working constantly on finding new content to drive interest towards his new product he finally could enjoy the results of six months endless planning and pushing as he managed to generate 75,000 visitors to the free tool every month.

How IBM’s Recent Acquisition Will Greatly Affect B2B Buyers

The decision made by IBM recently to acquire Red Hat, an open source software provider, for over $34 billion can potentially create a competitor to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft in the cloud computing environment while also triggering several other M&A’s among B2B technology-driven vendors according to experts.

New York based IBM, Armonk, informed analysists that Red Hat will eventually become a distinct unit forming part of its team which focuses on hybrid clouds, using several private cloud services which the company runs on its own proprietary servers as well as those of a third-party provider of IT infrastructure and software. The recent deal took place a few months after GitHub was acquired by Microsoft, an extremely popular online company of open source code which was bought for around $7 billion.

Most organisations that are interested in running IT services and products via cloud are inclined by looking at AWS’s Elastic Computing services or Microsoft’s Azure. The executives at IBM suggested acquiring Red Hat as they own the most popular distribution when it comes to the Linux operating system which would make it the ultimate cloud provider. However, early reaction from experts in the tech industry, suggests that Big Blue is also looking for new ways to expand beyond its Watson AI technology.

Arguably it is the best backgrounder when it comes to IBM’s strategy, as well as the potential from the deal made with Red Hat, is available in Ben Thomson’s long post, an independent analyst who frequently publishes on Stratchery, the name of his own blog.

“The bet is: while the complexity of the internet during the 1990’s made it extremely difficult for organizations to go online, offering an opening for IBM to successfully sell solutions, these days IBM claims the reduction when it comes to cloud computing to 3 centralized providers, making businesses reluctant to pledge to any one of them,”

Ben Thomson wrote in his blog, expressing his doubt that a company like IBM will ever be successful in terms of hybrid cloud space. “With an enterprise concerned when it comes to lock-in, is IBM truly a better option? Should the answer be that Red Hat is indeed open when increasingly sophisticated organisations built it themselves?”

The Start of Martech M&A Chaos

Although CIO’s, as well as other IT decision makers, could explore their options once the Red Hat-IBM merger is completed, analysts in the financial industry suggest that the deal might be a catalyst for several other acquisitions. These include vendors like MongoDB, Okta, Workday, and many more.

Raymond James, a CNBC analyst at the firm stated, “Leading software companies like Tableau, Splunk, Workday, and ServiceNow, along with Nutanix, a converged infrastructure company, could eventually be taken as well.” Meanwhile, J.P Morgan experts managed to list over 15 different targets that could potentially be acquired in the wake of Red Hat. The cloud wars has just started, and there is certainly more acquisition deals in the pipeline.