New Slushies and Shakes from Sonic Drive-Thru

The desirable weather of summer is barreling towards us like an evening storm. Fast-Food Corporations throughout the United States of America are releasing their beverages meant to cool consumers off during hot temperatures. The most recent company to announce their line of summer treats is SONIC Drive-Thru. PR Representatives with this infamous Drive-In confirmed that the “Red Bull Watermelon Slush – Summer Edition” is returning for 2020. This wasn’t the exclusive summer treat confirmed for this upcoming season, with SONIC announcing their brand new “Brownie Batter Shake”, and “Yellow Cake Batter Shake”.

The New Shakes

Purchasing the SONIC Brownie Batter Shake will give consumers a delicious & savoury treat that cools down your body in seconds after consumption. It’s hand-mixed with vanilla ice cream & chocolate brownie batter, with a series of different chocolatey flavours added into the mixture for additional taste. Those that taste this treat for the 1st time will want to return for a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th helping.

The Yellow Cake Batter Shake is the 2nd enticing treat released by SONIC Drive-Thru. It was previously unveiled during the 2019 season as a limited number of locations. Sales must’ve met expectations for SONIC Executives, with the Yellow Cake Batter Shake now be released nation-wide. It’ll have a similar hand-mixture of Vanilla Ice Cream & Yellow Cake Batter, creating a flavour profile similar to Cake Pops. Those interested in obtaining any of the three summer drinks mentioned above should determine if their local SONIC is still open. Multiple locations remain closed because of COVID-19.

These SONIC beverages are limited, with their availability extending towards August 2nd. PR Representatives are recommending that loyal consumers of their brand download the iOS or Android Application to obtain delivery access. Instant Curb-Side Pick-Up will also be supported at numerous locations. Anyone that has had an Ice Cream Cheesecake Shake will notice similarities in the texture & flavour profiles obtained with these SONIC beverages.

Other Summer Treats

Corporations like McDonald’s & Dairy Queen have released a multitude of new products for their Summer Line. The fight between McFlurries & Blizzard’s has always been evident since their creation, with both offering equal flavours. It’ll be interesting to see if SONIC can dominate over their competition.