New Products from Fast Food Restaurants

The COVID-19 Pandemic hasn’t stopped fast-food corporations from releasing new products to consumers. Both Sonic and Taco Bell have announced need options on their menu for the summer season. When it applies to the Sonic fast-food chain, consumers can purchase the Red Bull Slush again. This follows after it’s initial run throughout April 2019, which saw the introduction of the Red Bull Cherry Limeade Slush. Sales for the specialized slushie were better than anticipated, prompting the revival of this summer marketing campaign.

Sonic confirmed the Cherry Limeade flavour profile won’t be returning and will instead be replaced with the Red Bull Watermelon Slush, which will be available throughout April 30th to August 30th. Those wanting to purchase the latest slushie from Sonic will require $3.99. It should be mentioned that prices will vary depending on the location and state. Regardless of the cost, a delicious and savoury summer drink is now available at all Sonic fast-food restaurants in the United States of America.

Taco Bell Gets Spicy

When it applies to Taco Bell, their relying on the Lays Company to create a specialized summer treat. This follows after both companies have worked with each other for a prolonged period. Their relationship continues to thrive new products, with Taco Bell & Doritos announcing two new menu options. Those comprise of the “Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos” and the “Flamin’ Hot Doritos Locos Tacos”. They’ll be available nationwide in America on April 19th, which will be supported through Delivery and Drive-Thrus exclusively.

This follows after the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Taco Ball to close off their indoor seating areas to the public. Product experts determined that the new menu options from Taco Bell are to entice new sales, which will have been limited with slower traffic from the novel coronavirus. Those wanting to pick-up these tacos or have them delivered are recommended to add Nacho Cheese, Avocado Ranch Sauce or Guacamole. It’ll drastically increase the flavour profiles associations with the Nacho Choose and Flamin’ Hot editions of Doritos Locos Tacos. It should be mentioned that Taco Bell maintains a magnitude of other menu options, ranging from Burritos to Quesada’s.