New Products for Valentines Day & Easter

Corporations like Nabisco or Cadbury have begun to announce their latest products for the Valentines Day and Easter holidays. The 1st product that was confirmed is the Oreo Easter Egg, which is being released for a limited time in spring. Three iterations of this product are hitting nationwide shelves, including five different designs for children’s entertainment. The cookie themselves haven’t been altered in taste, maintaining the same crumble and cream layers. There’s even a specialized version that comes with coloured cream for children to decorate the Oreo Easter Egg.

The Nabisco Corporation, owners of the Oreo brand, have released a holiday-themed product for Easter since 2017. Their 2017 product was the Peeps Golden Cookie, which included a pinkish-hued marshmallow crème with similar tastes to the Peeps candy. The following year, two additional Peep/Oreo products were released to consumers. One with a chocolate crème and the other with a newly flavoured purple crème. Throughout the 2019 Season, Nabisco and Peeps disbanded their partnership. It prompted no specialized product to be released by Oreo for 2019. Luckily, they’ve returned in 2020 with their cutest product yet. It should be noted that the Easter Holiday is four months from January, with these products not slated to release until March.

Valentines Day Extravaganza

After the Nabisco Corporation confirmed their upcoming Oreo Easter Egg, multiple other companies began announcing their respective product. The Hostess Corporation confirmed that they’re releasing a Strawberry-Flavoured Twinkie for the valentine’s holiday. It’s the most common flavour profile associated with the romantic holiday. Surrounding this strawberry filling will be the golden sponge cake that Twinkie is infamous for. This marks the first time in a prolonged period that Twinkie has altered their recipe for the North American market. Depending on how the product performs, it could become an annual flavour for Hostess.

It cannot be denied that the delicious candies and chocolates provided throughout the Valentines Holiday are unlike any other year-round. For some reasons, retail companies go above and beyond to cater to this romantic time. This follows after years of dwindling sales across North America, with percentages listed for 2019 at 34.90% lower than in 2010. Regardless, consumers can purchase the Strawberry Twinkie in stores today. Boxes include ten strawberry-flavoured cakes.

The Pillsbury Corporation is competing against Hostess, as it was confirmed that two new products are being released next week. This includes the Strawberry and Cream Cinnamon Rolls, which will be complemented by a Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Role. The Lindt Cholate Company also released strawberry-flavoured chocolate truffles.