Netflix Subscription Acquisitions Rise

Investors on Wall Street were pleasantly surprised last week when an upward momentum continued for four days. This followed numerous declines with the Trade War against the United States and China, with this marking the first upward momentum in months. Subsequently, this has left investors and traders with the hope that these trade disputes can be solved. The lack of tariffs would increase markets again, with analysts anticipating that Industrial Averages could increase by 50 points monthly and the S&P 500 by 3 Points weekly. This increase in momentum also saw Nasdaq rise by 2 points as well.

The Netflix Corporation, which operates under the Nasdaq Exchange, took this beneficial opportunity to release critical data regarding its streaming service. Their data was positive, which was needed in a time of concern for Netflix. Competitors like Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu+ could see the demise of the Netflix Corporation. However, the first streaming service seems to be the most popular still.

The Data

The statistical information released by Netflix indicated that their client acquisition percentages rose by 30% over a year-to-year basis. This information was accumulated since Netflix made a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. This filing provided revenue numbers and regional subscription percentages, which Netflix seemingly never stopped collecting.

This mandatory collection worked in favor of the Netflix Corporation, which was thought to have limited the streaming industry with a monopoly. Once this was disproven with the introduction of Disney+ and Hulu+, concerns about the company’s growth grew. However, this statistical data proves that Netflix continually sees domestic growth in worldwide markets. It’s estimated that their total amount of acquired customers exceeds 58 million.

It should be noted that their international growth risen at faster rates. The European market has a far more limited selection of streaming services, which saw Netflix gain an additional 10 million customers in Q4 2019. That same period in North America saw 19.7 million new 8 million new acquisitions. The goal now is to create new services and products that can more greatly appeal to North Americans. It’s rumored that Netflix is considering the implementation of live sports, which would drastically increase their client acquisition percentages.