Minute Maid Vs Mikes Hard Lemonades New Products

The novel coronavirus has forced retail manufacturers into declining profits, with each respective company eagerly awaiting when markets will return to normal. Market valuations are anticipated to resume by June 2020, with these manufacturers preparing themselves for the influx of customer activity. This is being accomplished with exciting new products like Minute Maid’s Smoothies, or Mike’s Hard Pineapple Mandarin Lemonade. These are the latest products from these companies, who typically compete for market share during the summer months.

Minute Maid previously released their makeable smoothies in 2019, which required consumers to add ice and start blending merely. Product designers with Minute Maid wanted this process to be more straightforward, with consumers now having to add water to drink a “Minute Maid Super Smoothie”. Those that purchase this new product receive boxes with 8 to 24 pouches, which have 240ml listing. This is the perfect size for fast-paced smoothies that can fit into standard glasses. Bags are also sold as individual packets, allowing for flavours like Tropical Mango and Strawberry Banana to be purchased exclusively. Purchases the boxes will see consumers get all three flavours, with the additional Orange Pineapple.

Advertisements for Minute Maid’s Super Smoothies state that “Retail consumers can receive limited sugar intakes, increase their protein, and enhance vitamin intakes. This is all accomplished with our great tasting smoothies.

Pineapple Mandarin Lemonade

Minute Maid’s main competitors have become Mike’s Hard Lemonade, which has similar flavour profiles with the addition of alcohol. It’s the adult version of Minute Maid that gives consumers a little something extra. Their latest flavour profile is Pineapple Mandarin, which returns every twelve months for the summer season. It’s a malt beverage which combines pineapple, mandarin, lemonade, and citrus to create a delicious flavour profile. Whenever Mike’s Hard Lemonade releases this limited-time product, sales increase by an average of 11.3%.

Those wanting to purchase Mike’s Hard Pineapple Mandarin Lemonade can buy limited stock through retails like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Costco, and Kroger. It should be mentioned that both these new products will be available through Amazon as well. Retailer consumers can purchase Mike’s Hard Pineapple Mandarin Lemonade for $8.99 at Walmart in Six-Packs today.