Millennials shunning traditional employment

The baby boomers might not like it, and even Generation X are known to be less than thrilled with it; why are so many millennials shunning traditional employment and jobs, and going into business for themselves? With so many entrepreneurs and freelancers out there, surely there must be something the older generations just don’t see?

A Lack of Jobs or Qualifications

First and foremost, nobody should “blame” millennials for going into business for themselves. If that is what somebody wants to do, so be it. However, there are several factors which may have gently nudged or pushed them into making that decision.

There aren’t actually that many jobs out there in 2018 for the inexperienced or uneducated. Unless you fancy low-paid labor, you will probably have neither the experience nor the education to get one of the better-paid jobs. Even when an educated person with a university or college degree goes for a job, they are unlikely to be able to get it. Companies want experience which even educated youths don’t have. Since you need a job to get experience, and you need experience to get a job, there are precious few youths being employed by the bigger companies.

There are, however, other factors in why millennials don’t want to play ball and go into business for themselves.

Other Factors

Many in the millennial era are far more assertive than their forebears. They want more control over what they do and their time. They want flexibility in their schedule. They want to be able to swim at noon and take a weekend break with the kids if they so desire. Regular employment just doesn’t offer you the same opportunities as being self-employed.

Millennials will often try to fuse their work and personal lives into one. Many have a home office, and that acts as the hub where their business operates from. Others do not like restrictions interfering with their personal life from the workplace. This means that they may feel more unrestricted if they can work on their timetable, in their home. Passion projects also mean that millennials are more inclined to spend more time working, and with greater devotion and care, then they would if they were set up in an office and a company they don’t particularly care about.

We are living in a digital age, and the millennials were the first ones to truly have the fruits of the digital age open to them. The internet provides the generation with the tools to be self-employed. They don’t thousands of dollars’ worth of software, client lists, and delivery men. Most self-employed people can build up a client base from the internet, use free internet tools to establish their business and to network, and can get paid digitally, too.

Everything the modern businessmen need is at their fingertips in a digital environment. The new generation isn’t shunning work (as such), they are just using different tools which make it easier for them to do the kinds of jobs they wish to do, when and how they want to do it.