McDonald’s Releases Two New Menu Items

Satisfactory deserts are released regularly from fast food corporations like McDonald’s. These annual releases hope to have consumers return to their retail locations worldwide. McDonald’s International announced in April 2020 that two seasonal menu items would be returning. These items are nationally established, with the 1st available in Singapore. The 2nd dessert from McDonald’s is available in Japan and Germany.

McDonald’s Singapore confirmed last week that their Coconut Pie would be returning for the 1st time since 2017. It’s available exclusively as a drive-thru & takeout menu option, with their indoor dining areas remaining closed until the COVID-19 Pandemic is defeated in the region. PR Reps with McDonald’s Singapore clarified that their Coconut Pie is perfect for the summer holidays, providing flavour profiles similar to tropical destinations like Hawaii. It should be noted that the McDonald’s Coconut Pie is served hot, causing the coconut to fall from its baking chambers. Prepare yourself for an unexpected overdrive of coconut.

Ruby Kit Kat McFlurry Returns

McDonald’s Japan & McDonald’s Europe collectively announced that the Ruby Kit Kat McFlurry was returning. This follows after the specialized McFlurry hadn’t appeared since 2017. It was critically praised by participants that purchased this beverage. However, limitations with this becoming an annual release followed after McDonald’s initial contract with Nestle Japan failed. That contract has been re-established, prompting the re-release of the Ruby Kit Kat McFlurry.

It’s exclusively available to consumers in Japan, South Korea, and Germany. It was initially available throughout the European Union’s entirety but was limited after-sales figures fluctuated. It’s created with Ruby Cocoa Beans, Raspberry Sauce Flavouring, McDonald’s Vanilla Ice Cream, and Chunks of Kit Kat. Expect a multitude of fruit-associated flavour profiles when eating the Ruby KK McFlurry.
This isn’t the exclusive flavour profile inducted with McDonald’s Germany. The Toblerone Brownie Chunk McFlurry was introduced to this market after being available to Americans for 10+ years. Those wanting to combine both McFlurries are permitted to do so by asking for the “Secret McFlurry” at registers. This combo of Toblerone and Kit Kat isn’t available through their ordering application.