McDonald’s Releases Longest Advertisement Ever

Advertising campaigns have changed drastically in the last decade, with most of those alterations occurring in the previous year. Anything goes with social media advertising, which was proven this week when McDonald’s released a four-hour video on YouTube. This YouTube Advertisement displayed a looping video of frying bacon, sliced tomato, iceberg lettuce, and various other forms of food preparation. All of this has been done in anticipation of the Zesty BLT McWrap, which is slated to release in the New Year.

The McDonald’s Corporation doesn’t anticipate consumers viewing this content for four hours but hopes that the playtime is enough to grab the individual’s attention. All of this has been done to increase their digital advertising efforts amongst millennials, which has faltered in the last year. The restaurant industry has struggled recently to capture the mind of consumers. This extends to retail corporations and brands like Adidas. Advertising Management Firms like Talmage Advisors states the creating strategies for brands has become increasingly difficult from viewership-to-acquisition.

This has resulted in the unconventional advertising ploys seen with McDonald’s and other largescale corporations. Data is being collected from the viewership of consumers, informing the McDonalds Corporation of the behaviours for their customers. The results will reflect how consumers process information with advertisements and what needs to be done going forward to ensure continuous acquisitions. One of the critical components of targeting customers is by implementing a specific event in correlation with the product, which McDonald’s opted out of doing with the Zesty BLT McWrap.

Industry Insiders Weigh In

Talmage Advisors noted that consumers have become increasingly distracted, with them regularly being on their phones and not engaging with the traditional marketing ploys. The firm expressed that urgent tactics and strategies must be engaged for the future development of brands. These determinations were confirming like the Inception Retail Group, which acts as a consulting management firm.

However, this firm noted that the McDonald’s advertising campaign with the Zesty BLT McWrap is similar to an unboxing video. Anticipating is built throughout the loop, with the hope that the actual product will be unboxed. Dedicated viewers could re-watch the same loop continuously until the end is reached when the unboxing of the new wrap is unveiled. It’s a different ploy that embodies the product into the subconscious of consumers worldwide.

Regardless, both of these firms concluded that the new marketing campaign implemented by the McDonalds Corporation would surely capture the attention of customers. This advertisement specifically targets individuals below 35, with an average time spent online varying between 27 and 30 hours weekly.