Marketing With A Difference

While marketing is for most quite a head-ache, B2B is a competitive arena, and you need to be on top of innovation if you wish to compete with the top dogs, others see opportunity in the strangest places, and even Modern Family is now part of realtors marketing strategies.

Due to the value of traditional platforms available as one of the main forms of advertising decreasing, brands are constantly on the search for new ways to reach their audience. A new trend that started over the past couple of years is the increase in content that is sponsored as well as native advertising. The most effective form of marketing currently is integrating brands with the content of the media.

More Than Just and Add

Brand-grafted messaging are now common in both entertainment programmes and the news, although this form of advertising requires more than just simply creating an add. It requires both the content vehicle and the brand to work closely together, to allow different sets of decision-makers and to relinquish control.

The most recent integration on Modern Family television show from ABC was subtle, and the partnering of the show’s writers and the National Association of REALTORS did not affect or compromise the entertainment value of the show at all. While he is one of the most loved actors in the Modern Family show, Phil Dunphy is also one of the greatest realtors. Played by Ty Byrrell, Dunphy is by far the most popular comedian of the show, he loves magic, is a great family guy, and he sells real estate. Elizabeth Mendenhall, president of the association, says that Phil Dunphy is the best-loved realtor in America.

The Realtor, Honest, Caring, Sincere & Helpful

Adweek pointed out why the integration looks both natural and easy, the hugely popular television series never focus on a product used by consumers but more a service or an organisation and that is what stood out. Phil Dunphy is a realtor, and he was one from the start as written by the creators of the show, this makes integration easy and natural according to the executive view president Sean McBride. The excellent character already created and developed embodies all the attributes that make part of a great realtor, Dunphy is sincere, helpful and most of all he is honest.

Phil Dunphy commented that he has always admired companies that allow themselves to be in the centre of fun, that doesn’t mind themselves seen in the imperfect light and in his own words that is the strongest play. With subtle and smooth partnership, everyone agrees that it was all done tastefully and with great care. One of the major fears was that the content that is sponsored would take away or interfere with the extremely popular show and with everything in place to avoid just that at all cost, Modern Talking could be the start of many brands going this route.