LinkedIn Implementing Stories Feature

Since 2013 there has been a popular feature known as Stories. It’s been adopted by social media services like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. It’s now one of the most popular ways of sharing personal information through your social media accounts, with now another service planning on implementing it to their platform. This will include the Microsoft owned LinkedIn

Unlike the standard rendition of Stories, this version will target business-oriented individuals, and they’re working relationships through this professional network. LinkedIn has already confirmed that this feature will not be prominent; they will be available to a select few through the beta mode. Regardless, LinkedIn has informed us that this will facilitate some of the critical moments for working events and business-related advice. Individuals using LinkedIn have already begun to praise the upcoming Stories feature.

Business analysts believe that LinkedIn has implemented this feature in hopes of acquiring a younger generation in the business marketing industry. This younger generation prefers to share their social media information in a manner; then it disappears 24 hours later. The benefit of this sort of feature for business executives using LinkedIn is a new level of discretion regarding their daily ventures.

Even though this level of discretion will be an essential aspect for countless users, the primary purpose for stories on LinkedIn is to inspire a higher level of interaction and conversation between business professionals. It should be noted that this feature is currently being tested internally and has it been provided with an official release date. Insiders close with LinkedIn believe it could come before the 3rd quarter in 2020.

The Featured Section

Stories isn’t the only new aspect of LinkedIn being released this year. They’ve also announced the featured section, which will allow you to display all your professional achievements and highlights to date. LinkedIn is providing this feature in hopes that it will employee searching less challenging, making it easier for users to be hired on their own merits.

The featured section also allows users to display critical aspects of their work. It will be the perfect way for users to showcase their experience and skillsets. Those wanting to use this feature can start today, it’s located between the activity section and profile image section. Users familiar with this platform will immediately notice the new featured section.