LinkedIn Excels as Social Media Marketing Tool

LinkedIn has more than 575 million users, of which more than 260 million are active monthly. Many of these are decision-makers, in senior-level positions or company influencers. Statistics indicate that LinkedIn is by far the most popular platform for B2Bcontent marketing, and it is excellent for lead generation. Research shows LinkedIn is 277% more successful with lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. Big or small, to have a well-planned LinkedIn strategy seems to be beneficial. How do you develop a well-planned LinkedIn strategy to achieve optimal results for your business?

Determining Your Current Position and Tracking Your Results

To be able to build the perfect strategy, you need to be clear on why you want to do this. Determine what your goals are. Is it to drive traffic to your website, share ideas or generate more leads?

A second and significant step is to determine where you are currently at. Google Analytics can determine what your conversion rates were over a set, and you can track how many traffic is referred to your website from LinkedIn. This is an effective way to track your progress to determine whether your plan is valid or not.

Moving Forward

Once you have determined what your goals are and how to track your results, the plan can now proceed to how to attract attention and clients. First and foremost is to write more content. Instead, write your content than posting links to other pages or posts. Stats indicate that longer and individual posts do attract more interest and in the business of marketing, the benefit is golden nuggets not to be declined. Tips on posting include that you must add value with your posts. This is your brand you are building, so the best is to present it as a brand of value.

Don’t be shy to tag people in your posts. When you tag someone in your posts, their connections also see your posts, and this is broadening your reach and creating a more extensive network.

Make use of hashtags. Even when you are not connected to the primary influencers linked to the specific hashtag, it will still end up in the feed of people searching for content related to your hashtag.

Create some videos and load it onto LinkedIn. This process is called native video’s and refers to the fact that videos are loaded directly onto LinkedIn and is not shared from your Youtube channel to your LinkedIn profile. Videos are vital in a marketing plan.

Then lastly, always remember that people connect with people. When it comes to posting content in your business’s feed, it is helpful to have influencers who will display the same content on their feeds. Employees with large followings are great for this. People follow people, therefore get people to share your business’s brand. These guidelines are significant actions to grow your LinkedIn presence from to harvest the benefits that this B2B tool has to offer.