Kevin Mayer Departs as TikTok CEO

Reports surrounding the acquisition of TikTok have fueled the business community since President Donald Trump announced their effective ban in the United States. The ban comes after data revealed that ByteDance, the operators of TikTok, was collecting information for the Chinese Government. This social media product took American consumer data & multiple other nations, including South Africa.

After learning that TikTok would be banned in America, ByteDance employed the services of Kevin Mayer for their North American Chief Executive Officer. Kevin Mayer left Disney as “Head of Streaming Services” to take over as TikTok CEO. That decision has proven unfavourable for Mayer, with it being announced that two months after taking this position, he’ll be leaving amid the impending ban. It’s unknown if Kevin Mayer will receive another Executive Role at a major American company.

An official letter was issued to North American TikTok Employees and leaked minutes later to CNBC. Kevin Mayer emphasized that the political environment throughout the United States has changed drastically & sharply, prompting him into the reflection of corporate structural changes. This is Mayer’s way of warning that Donald Trump won’t stop with TikTok and begin attacking other companies in America with affiliation to China. Considering that POTUS is looking towards banning WeChat & other social media services from China, Kevin Mayer is likely correct.

Sentiments from Kevin Mayer continued with the former TikTok CEO mentioning that the political backdrop against ByteDance will resolve shortly, but this means his involvement with the company won’t be permitted any longer. Most were expecting Mayer to keep his role in the Microsoft & Walmart restricting of TikTok, honouring that he’d taken over responsibilities two months ago. It appears that won’t be the outcome of negotiations with Microsoft & Walmart.

It should be mentioned that Beijing & Washington have grown tenfold with their tensions towards one another. The Presidency of Donald Trump has been detrimental towards international relations, not just with China & America either, but worldwide amongst all nations engaging with China. Having the two global superpowers attacking each other through trade will imply adverse outcomes onto international financial markets.