Kellogg’s, Kroger, and Dairy Queen Launch New Ice Creams

Summer 2020 is nearly half-way complete, with the masses have hardly enjoyed the adorning weather. There are few ways to enjoy the summer holidays this year, with largescale corporations using unique product marketing campaigns to excite their consumers. Three companies have adopted this concept by creating new ice creams & releasing them to stores since between July 13th to 20th.

The 1st company confirming their newest frozen treat is Kellogg’s Froot Loops, who confirmed their cereal-inspired ice pops are available in three colours. Those include purple, orange, green and red. Kellogg’s Personnel remarked that flavour profiles associated with each colour doesn’t change, which is similar to their cereal. Those wanting to purchase this product can attend their local “Dollar Tree” & pay $1.00.00 for a box of eight.

The Kroger Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Bars

Grocery stores over the last decade have adopted the concept of manufacturing their exclusive products. Kroger is one grocery chain that actively releases new products to consumers, with their most recent being “Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwiches”. Available in the freezer aisle of all Kroger’s in the United States, there’ll be two layers in-between two vanilla wafers. The one-layer supports flavoured cheesecake ice cream, with the second having streaming sorbet. It creates a unique taste that consumers will likely enjoy.

Those wanting to purchase the “Kroger Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwiches” will have to pay out $1.99. What’s rewarded are six ice cream bars for a minimal cost. Depending on which Kroger location is attended, a Coupon or Discount of $0.50 can be applied. This makes the delicious treat cheap & appealing.

The Dairy Queen Bubble-Gum Dipped Cone

Bubble-Gum Dipped Cones sound delicious and are available today at Dairy Queen. Canadians & Americans cannot purchase this flavoured cone, with exclusivity supported in Mexico. That’s because of a specialized product marketing campaign between Dairy Queen & Nickelodeon Movies, who digitally released “SpongeBob to the Rescue” earlier in July. Dairy Queen clarified that if sales outweigh expectations, then the Bubble-Gum Dipped Cone could release in North America. Get your cone today in Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large.