Is Outbound Marketing Dead?

Over the last few years, it seems as if outbound B2B marketing has taken a dive as most companies make the shift to the online world, which is faster, provides better results and is a lot easier to manage. However, with these new forms of technology, does it mean that outbound marketing isn’t worth going anymore?

It is important to remember that there are many different types of outbound marketing, including everything from cold calling through to television ads and even spam emails. While most of these have become somewhat frustrating, there are still many companies who use this form of marketing and get excellent results.

Since the majority of businesses have shifted over to inbound marketing, the outbound platform is used a lot less, making it much easier for companies to standout. However, it is important to take a few things into consideration and ensure your message is carried over to the receiver without being annoying or irrelevant to their needs.

Is Inbound Marketing Better?

There is no doubt about it, inbound marketing is more effective and comes at a much lower cost. Companies generally gain 25% better results while also saving a huge amount on their marketing strategies.

With inbound marketing in the online world, you gain access to constant clients who follow your social media pages or subscribe to your emails. Therefore, this form of marketing doesn’t only attract clients to you, but it allows possible future business as well.

With that said, inbound marketing is a lot better, but also more competitive as just about all companies now use this form of marketing to attract new clients. This means your content has to be better than the rest and your search engine optimization needs to allow your company to standout more while also reaching the top of search engine.

Of course, the better content and keywords you use, the more expensive it becomes. However, the additional costs are well worth the consideration as they yield excellent results.

Should I Combine Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

When we think of possible clients, we need to remember that they have not stopped using the types of marketing associated with outbound methods. Therefore, with outbound marketing, you will still gain effective business, but it is more challenging and not as rewarding.

However, there might be many potential clients are out there that don’t have access to your online website or who would use the keywords selected for people to find your business. Therefore, using strategies such as an ad in the newspaper and even on television is sure to provide additional business.

At the same time, you should be using inbound marketing as well. Many people and companies who see an ad in the paper or on television tend to search for it on the Internet, which is where your inbound marketing would be most effective. Combining these two marketing methods is the best possible way for a new and older company to get out their and find the business they need.