Influencer Marketing Explained

Advertising costs can be a steep price to pay for many smaller businesses. In addition to that, statistics indicate that the impact of this kind of advertising becomes less effective. Hence more people are turning towards influencer marketing which is not only much easier on the budget but also contains an element of persuasion.

In short influencer marketing can be defined as a kind of social media marketing that includes endorsements and product placements by influencers, influential organizations or people. They are considered to be influential within a particular arena and having your product, brand or service linked to them can serve as valuable advertising to your business. These people can be hired or inspired to get the word out about your product to the correct audiences.

Influencer marketing boils down to working with your marketing team to determine which people are considered as influential within your target market. Once you were able to successfully identify these people, the process of getting them on board, your marketing campaign starts. Sometimes these people can be hired and other times even inspired to be associated with your brand. These people aids in increasing the traffic to your company website, they bring your product to new markets and by adding their name to it, they associate with your product, recommending it to their followers.

Over time influencer marketing has proven itself to bring about massive returns on investment for many businesses. The success of this kind of marketing is that it is being promoted by an individual with which people already feel a sort of connection. It also allows for your product to be exposed to new markets that were previously not tapped into.

As with any other marketing campaign, you would have to determine beforehand what your goals for the campaign would be. You would also have to set clear metrics in determining the campaign performance. This can be the number of visits to your social media pages, the visits to your website or the number of times that people engaged with your posts. The success of your influencer would ultimately be measured in the increase in traffic to your site and social media accounts which should then eventually be converted into sales. Certain key elements to ponder one when you decide on the correct influencer for your brand would be the number of followers that they have on their social media platforms.

For this purpose, many tools have been developed over time. These tools have been developed with the aim of not only helping you to find the perfect influencer in your niche market but also enables you to reach out to them. Some of these tools include Awario, Klear, Traackr and Upfluence. These sites will help you to get your influencer marketing plan off to a profitable start.