How to use Yelp to the advantage of your Business

There are still some people out there who do not know this app, which is hard to believe as it has around 90 million visitors monthly. It also boasts the accomplishment of being one of the top downloaded play store apps. Yelp is an excellent tool for your Business in more ways than one and a terrific addition for any marketing plan.

With access to the worldwide web spreading like wildfire, and smartphones made available to all income groups, people rely increasingly on the opinion and reviews of others when trying something new. This is why Yelp has so much exposure. People use it to research companies they are looking to use before they use them, and trust me, businesses will do the same.

Yelp has three options available to marketers and advertisers, a free version and two paid versions. If your company is new and purse strings are tight, start with the free version, as you get more exposure and money starts pouring in, you step up your version. One thing every successful business owner should know is that you need to spend money to make money, it is not easy in the beginning, but keep that in mind.

Once you set up your page, you can post content and photos and reply to reviews both good and bad. The more time you spend on your page, the better the reflection on your Business, it might be necessary to eventually have someone dedicated to updating all your social media profiles. The more attractive your page is, and the more often you have a content change, the more traffic you will have.

A tip from a consumer’s point of view: When replying to review whether positive or negative, do it personally, automated replies are frustrating and they leave your consumers feeling unimportant, put yourself in their shoes. Go out of your way to address and solve your negative reviews as this will increase your trust and creditability scores in the hearts of your potential consumers. Like other social sites, Yelp includes some nifty buttons like the “call now” or “share”.

How to make sure you are getting the best out of Yelp

Claim your Business, set up your account and fill in as much detail as you can. People often look for specifics, if you are a restaurant with a dedicated smoking area, state that, the more information that you have about your Business, the better.

Do not try and boost your reviews by getting friends to rate you. Yelp is extremely strict and can pick up if there is someone new reviewing you, someone who has never reviewed before or does not review more companies soon after they have examined you. This rating will quickly disappear from your page. However, Yelp considers reviews on other platforms as well.