How to market your business through LinkedIn

Last week we inspected Yelp and looked at how it could help boost your company’s standing amongst other companies. The week before we dissected Trello, this week we will put LinkedIn under the magnifying glass. Using these, and similar, applications in intelligent and creative ways could get your company’s name out there, on the lips of your consumers, other businesses.

The advantage of researching marketing applications could mean doing almost precisely what big marketing firms would have done for you, but at half the price. I would, however, suggest you consult an agency or someone who has studied in this field as there is quite a bit of psychology in marketing. But that is a whole other article.


Many companies consider LinkedIn one of the smartest ways to market yourself and your business. It is incredibly useful and should play a lead role in your marketing plan. To start, work through your network, increase the links and jot down a list of potential contacts for your community. LinkedIn is an excellent promotional tool, and you should build and use a LinkedIn profile for the benefit of your company.

Business pages on LinkedIn

Like with Facebook, there is a way to create a page for your business. As we mentioned with Yelp, it is of utmost importance to include as many, truthful, details as possible on your LinkedIn profile. Your target market will never know if you have what they are looking for if you do not list all your products and services.

For example, a promotional goods company, do they print on mugs and etch on glass? Does one have to order in bulk, or is there an individual option too? When it comes to engraving, can the customer pay a bulk price if every name engraved is different? These are the things consumers ask, and if they can’t find the information online, they will quickly move along. It will be extremely beneficial to you if your employees also have LinkedIn profiles, so encourage that.

Compulsory details include

  • A description of your business
  • The company’s logo
  • The number of people your company employs
  • What industry you are in
  • Where you are located
  • Your web page URL
  • Remember your SEO’s

SEO’s or search engine optimization is the process of increasing the traffic to your page by using trigger words that make your site stand out in search engines. Think of keywords you would use if you were looking for your company through Google, as many as you can. Then incorporate them into your site description or information as smoothly as possible. The more popular word you use, the more chance you have of your company popping up as an answer to a search request. Hey, add a trending hashtag or two, it all helps with the popularity of your site.