How to Apply the World’s Most Effective Marketing Campaign to Your Business

The story of the world’s most effective B2B marketing campaign is one of how a man took his budget worth $6,000 and turned it into $64 million if he can, so can you. Most marketers are familiar with HubSpot, and if not, you have heard about content marketing.

Content marketing is just one of the many things that actually took both the business and marketing worlds by storm. It is a magical idea to create content for your page or blog, and people get to read it as it is what attracts more customers to your site. It is not only a nice idea, but it also works much better than you would care to know, it is far more effective as most could imagine and as more and more marketers realise the potential it becomes more challenging to do. So today it is no longer a thing of using content to market it is all about how to make the content work best for you.

Content No Longer Just Blogging

Most people think of blogging when they hear the word content and while it remains a way of marketing it is one of the ways. What you need is the most usable free content tool which helps you to grade your website.
If you want to know that your website is up to the task, HubSpot’s Website Grader helps you to grade your website in terms of search optimization, security and mobile responsiveness.

Slogan Maker

Shopify’s Slogan Maker is the next free tool you need and this time it is to correctly describe your business.

CoSchedule Headline Analyser

The third free tool you need is the handy Headline Analyser by CoSchedule. It will ensure you get more clicks, attract more search results and enjoy top social shares.

Why You Need These Free Tools

It is actually quite easy to figure out why we recommend the use of all three tools listed, they are all crucial in lead generation, and that is what any website is all about. It is a lot more difficult to achieve lead generation via a blog post. You need to place highly relevant information on your site. The free tools are an extremely handy tool to have as it shows you how well your content could function in the task of directing traffic to your site and also what ratings you can expect from Google.

Back to the $64 Million Campaign

After analysing the above page, it became clear to the HubSpot marketer that more content was needed around the same topic to make an impact and that it should be marketing on social media to reach new audiences. The variety of content on the website at the stage of the analysis also did not include much content besides the marketing and sales topics so to attract a wider audience it would require a different approach.

By using the above tools, the marketer bought a new domain name, created a logo and set up an email provider. It is then that it struck him that he should create an email signature generator. Via promoting it and working constantly on finding new content to drive interest towards his new product he finally could enjoy the results of six months endless planning and pushing as he managed to generate 75,000 visitors to the free tool every month.