How Playtech dominated the gambling and financial trading industries

Playtech is one of the world’s leading casino software developers. Established in 1999, the company now trades on the London Stock Exchange and offers its partners a huge range of online and mobile games and betting options, including casino, bingo, online pokies, poker, sports betting, fixed odds and live games. Online pokies is probably the most popular game in the casino world today and is the main product of companies like PlayTech.

Playtech has a range of technologies in place to offer all customers a cutting-edge solution to all their online gaming needs. Integrating their unique Information Management System with top business intelligence technology and its flagship Playtech Portal, the company’s partners are able to implement and track the success of their gaming offerings.

The Playtech Open Platform

The Playtech Open Platform (POP) gives access to more than 600 top games for both online and mobile customers across multiple channels. Not only can customers use Playtech’s own branded games but also access third-party games from over 30 leading suppliers.   

Other technology options from Playtech, which have led to the company’s dominance of the gambling and financial trading industries, include data integration, games development kit, customer support, content and competitor performance tables and third-party wallet integrations.

Playtech Portal Integrations

Some of the most impressive aspects of Playtech’s tech solutions include the personalisation available within the Playtech Portal. Customers can configure their own choice of front-end solutions across any channel or device, enabling complete flexibility.

Fully optimised, the Playtech Portal also integrates with the player management system and works across multiple languages and markets. The built-in analytics also enable easy tracking of performance and flexible real-time reporting options. It is also easy to keep track of player promotions and bonuses in the Playtech Portal.  

Turnkey Solutions

It is easy to see how Playtech has succeeded in the challenging and competitive world of online gaming. For many partners, its turnkey solutions offer the fantastic ability to provide a gaming offering easily and quickly with minimal set-up or tech knowledge required. Fully customisable, useful turnkey options include hosting and marketing services, network management, financial services and over 50 payment options.

Operating in over 20 regulated jurisdictions, Playtech has 140 global licenses and turned over an approximate revenue of £1,240.40 million in 2018. As we head towards the end of 2019, the company looks set to continue its dominance of the online gambling and financial trading industry with strong returns predicted for next year.