How Effective Storytelling Can Improve Your Business

Watch and learn; the examples are endless. To achieve the same results for your business like the financial giants do, then watch the experts and learn from their efforts. Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Coca-Cola, to name just a few of success giants who changed their marketing plan from the scientific to the humane. Communicating across the board by making experiences personal.

Storytelling Summed Up

Through storytelling, you bring your product, your unique service, to life to your market. You invite them into your brand’s personality and make connections on an emotional level. It becomes personal to them. Storytelling isn’t a new concept in the world of marketing, just a slightly forgotten one. It is a way of engaging your audience, keeping them captivated as a good story does. Stories are used to express the benefits of your product. It speaks to your audience’s emotional side to get them motivated to buy your product or pay for your service. A small part of your audience will remember what your ad campaign said, a large portion will forget how it made them feel. Let’s learn from the best.


Coca-Cola has been bringing us stories for ages. Think back on all those touching Christmas advertisements with twinkling lights and children with sparkly eyes as Christmas miracles exceeded their expectations. Their campaigns are well known for snippets of a lifetime caught up in a timeline of photos, people, adventures and experiences. Coco-Cola doesn’t sell a fizzy drink to their audience; they sell excellent and heart-warming feelings which are experienced when enjoying their fizzy drink. Storytelling campaigns are based on a great story.


A company situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, developing and producing telecommunications equipment, networking hardware and high-tech services, is as far removed from the ordinary people who are their audience, as can be. But this is not what Cisco is selling in their marketing campaigns. They are bringing their audience an enticing story about being productive, being part of an efficient team, leading towards success, sharing exciting content and great stories through their networks. This is personal, and this is the smell of success, which is harnessed by a great marketing team.

Choose Your Words Wisely, Create Great Content

For a long time, SEO marketing was the go-to avenue if you wanted to create outstanding marketing campaigns. An SEO score dictated the content. This is now being overtaken by storytelling. Choosing your words is still prerogative, but not to get the SEO scores up high, but to tell the perfect story to invite your audience into being part of your brand. To make the experience personal and leaving the audience feeling that your business and they belong together, that life is just better with your brand in it. Words are a powerful weapon. Words can create emotions, recall memories and bring more clients on board in a single sentence. Use words to inspire, to motivate, to touch and to engage your unique audience.