How Digital Transformation Puts the “I” Into Idea

It’s the era where Solopreneurs get to run alone with their ideas, can turn to a virtual marketplace to sell and discover skills and there’s no denying, the internet is a fast-track vehicle to Success. From the YouTubers who earn six-figure incomes to the digital tech-savvy marketers who have grown empires worth multi-million from their bedrooms or garages, to the freelancers selling their skill, one thing is for sure the internet needs to be thanked for the booming solopreneurs era.

Carl Churchill

One of the disrupters of the digital revolution is Carl Churchill who launched his own web design company at the young age of 12 and within four years made £4.7 million when he sold it. The owner of Mashable, a social news website is known by many, and the techpreneur who launched it from his bedroom is Pete Cashmore, worth £200 million, while this young man from Aberdeen is only 19 years old.

Mark Pearson

At 34 years of age, Mark Pearson does not fit into the typical category described as Generation Y, and he did not plunge straight into the online world as well, he tried entrepreneurialism the traditional way by opening a string of gastropubs in London. Eventually, he walked away from it all to launch a virtual business even he knew nothing about the internet. By locking himself in his apartment, he became self-taught via crowd-sourced and UK business forums information websites. Armed with his new-found skill, he decided to launch an online florist, then a virtual coupon business, which he sold for £55 million.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Plant Seeds of Thought

The mistake many of those who made it big thinks is that many aspiring entrepreneurs put their plans and ideas off while they wait in hope of the right moment, and that is where they lose out as there is no lightbulb moment. In truth, there is never a great time or right time even to launch your own company and more especially an internet company. Everyone made mistakes learn from it quickly and what is scary, exciting and adrenalin-pumping at the same time is that now is the best time to take the risk and go at it alone.

It is solopreneurs that contributes to the economy of the internet now set to be worth over £221 billion according to Kurve, a digital marketing company. There are plenty of digital benefits for those with an insatiable hunger for the benefits offered by the digital world, might it be shopping fronts that requires little or no manpower or peer-to-peer sites. One thing is for certain and that is that the digital revolution is everything but a fad, it is expected to accelerate at a fast rate as it continues to develop across many countries, and more and more solopreneurs enters the new and exciting online business world.