Hershey Releases Four New Chocolate Bars

Retail corporations worldwide are using their creative talents towards the invention of new products, supporting unique flavour profiles that’ll draw consumers back multiple times for more. Chocolate manufacturers like the Hersey’s Company operate internationally, releasing products that differ depending on which nation is selected. Their most popular chocolate bars include the Hershey’s Cookies n’ Cream, Hershey’s Almond, and Hershey’s Peanut. Those chocolate bars could be defeated with the introduction of four new products from Hershey’s. Three of them are for Canadians, with the remaining chocolate bar exclusive to Americans.

The Hershey’s Company announced three chocolate bars for Canada that resemble the flavour profiles associate to Ice Cream. This is the 1st time any chocolate manufacturer has implemented such a unique set of flavours, which are only available until the end of Summer. Considering that Canadians like Ontario or British Columbia have been hoarding speciality snacks, we recommend our readers obtain quantities quickly.

PR Representatives with the Hershey’s Company confirmed that these chocolate bars could be purchased online or in-store with all national grocery chains in Canada. These chocolate bars will make consumers feel like their licking ice cream on a sandy beach with the ocean waves heard in the background, or so Hershey’s claims with marketing advertisements.

The three flavours associated with these newly introduced chocolate bars include Cookies n’ Mint, Strawberries n’ Crème, and Birthday Cake. The most popular will most likely be Birthday Cake, which will entertain children with its Funfetti Cake design. Hershey’s latest chocolate bars are being sold with Walmart for $1.00 per item. Additional retailers include Target, Kmart, and Whole Foods.

The 4th of July

When it applies to Americans, the Hershey’s Company released a themed chocolate bar for the 4th of July. It’ll be the conventional Cookies n” Crème Bar that Hershey’s is known for, with an additional twist on the packaging. It’ll support a patriotic theme with Golden Stars and a Stripped Banner. The colour scheme of Red, White, and Blue is seen across the entire packaging. It’ll be a minor but fun way to consume your Hershey’s candy bar.