Heinz Releasing Honey & Siracha Hybrid Condiment

Consumers will be receiving a new savoury sauce in Spring 2020. The Heinz Corporation announced that they’re releasing a Honey and Siracha hybrid sauce, which they claim will be the best way to bring flavour to dozens of recipes. When this condiment is released to shelves in North America, there will be a product marketing advertising campaign that follows. This will include a televised commercial during the Superbowl. This 30-second timeslot appeals to younger generations, including millennials.

The Heinz Corporation focused an incredible percentage of their efforts on condiment development. There’s a good 75% chance you’ve kept a bottle of their Ketchup, Mustard, Relish or Mayonnaise in your pantry. Heinz HoneyRacha comes after the previously infused condiment released in 2018, which was MayoChup. It didn’t take long for the popularity of their MayoChup to allow for the creation of additional infused sauces in 2019 which subsequently saw the additon of the MayoMust, MayoCue and KRanch products being adding to grocery shelves. Nobody anticipated the Heinz Corporation to revitalize their products, allowing them to bring in more profits than Rick’s Picks and the Smucker Company. It should be noted that these new products have allowed their company valuation to exceed $34 billion.

The announcement that Heinz created the HoneyRacha hybrid condiment was from Candy Hunting; a social media account that’s infamous for leaking new products onto various markets. January 6th marked the date when they posted the HoneyRacha Sauce on Instagram. They noted that honey would soothe the spice of Siracha, creating a delicate balance that can work as an ingredient for recipes or condiment for BBQ-related food. Unfortunately, neither Candy Hunting nor the Heinz Corporation hasn’t provided any details regarding the release date for HoneyRacha. However, since they are releasing a Superbowl commercial, estimates range around February 2nd for a nation-wide release.

Previous Trademarks

The Heinz Corporation has additional trademarks available, which include MayoRacha. This product would’ve infused Mayonnaise and Siracha together, creating a unique flavour that’s used by hundreds of restaurants in America. Unfortunately, this trademark was listed as abandoned in December 2017. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be revitalized, with market insiders anticipating that if HoneyRacha performs to expectations, the MayoRacha brand will follow. We recommend that individuals maintaining specific dietary lifestyles first read the product information. The Heinz Corporation expressed that this product will be healthy for standard nutritional requirements, except for Vegans. Regardless, expect a savoury and exciting condiment with the future release of HoneyRacha.