Goodyear Company Attacked by President Trump

The President of America, Donald Trump, has demanded that supporting constituents boycott the Goodyear Company. The Tyre Company has experienced an influx of controversy over political correctness at their workplace. Goodyear has informed employed personnel that attire bearing Trump campaign logos, slogans, or symbols won’t be allowed. However, Goodyear is permitting workforces to stand for politically correct movements like LGBTQ rights & Black Lives Matter.

The Goodyear Company defended its actions, noting that Terms of Employment emphasize that activism supporting racial injustices isn’t permitted. That extends to numerous other social equality issues, including Gay Rights & Immigration. Goodyear altered legislation in 2019 to create a workplace that’s inclusive and respectful. When President Donald Trump attacked Goodyear, their shares plummeted by 6%. That percentage was regained in hours after POTUS made these attacks via Twitter. It shows the lack of influence Trump has over financial markets.

Donald Trump proved himself foolish again by making these public attacks. One of the President’s main standing points for his 2020 campaign is supporting American companies. Attacking the most prominent tyre manufacturer in the United States proves that unless these companies support Trump, he won’t stand beside them & protect their corporate rights. It should be clarified that it’s illegal for an American President to slander businesses in a public format. However, Trump regularly breaks POTUS Law.

Leaked documents from the Goodyear Company showed employed personnel what attire is “Acceptable”, and which are “Unacceptable”. Non-Permitted clothing includes the MAGA logo (Make America Great Again), and attire with All Lives Matter represented. The Trump administration emphasized that companies are allowing for “Black Lives Matter” clothing to be worn. This Administration also finds it’s disturbing that “Blue or All Lives Matter” clothing isn’t allowed. Goodyear claimed they support all groups in America when their mutually exclusive, meaning not racist.

Companies Fight Against Trump

The United States of America is becoming split between two parties, those that stand for equality & those that support racism. Goodyear has chosen to stand with justice, which is consistent amongst hundreds of other corporations. President Donald Trump is finding himself repeatedly struggling to overcome these companies, with his demands for boycotts coming unwarranted. Trump has even found himself being targeted by Twitter & Facebook, with racist posts from Donald being revoked without the President’s permission.