Getting More for your B2B Marketing Dollars

Marketing in the online world has become extremely competitive, no matter what business you’re in, there’s always someone else doing the exact same thing and using similar strategies. Getting to your clients first is important, which might seem easy enough with the right website, SEOs and social media accounts.

However, once you get the visitors, you need to have the right game plan to get them the information they need in a way that allows them to easily see what it’s all about and how you can provide the services and products required. Use some of these steps to get your visitors to react on your website instead of just visiting for a couple of seconds and moving on to find another site.


Most websites tend to aim for a huge market by including information about just about everything they could possibly provide. This means some include details on their SEOs for services they don’t even provide, just to get people to visit.

This isn’t a very good way to get the clients or visitors you want, especially not if you want the majority of your visitors to interact with the site. It’s better to target specific visitors by including accurate information and allowing clients to find what you offer with the right SEOs.

It also allows your visitors to get the information they are looking for as they won’t be on a site about something completely different due to false keywords.

Keep it Simple

Once you have the visitors on the site, you’d want to provide an easy and simple layout with the right options, including the ability to get in touch with you, the options you provide and any other relevant information.

Be sure not to make your site stacked with information, but rather use neat headings and explain the details regarding the info clearly and simply. This provides readers and visitors with the ability to easily find the details they want, leading to additional interaction on the website.

Use Backlinks

Backlinks are great for providing visitors with additional information on keywords you use in any paragraph. It’s also great for jargon as you can add a link to a specific word or sentence that takes your visitors to another page where they can get additional details relating to the subject.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to create a page for every single work that might need explaining, but rather just the ones that relate to your service and could help the client see more benefit in what you do.

Add More than just Text

Whether you’re interested in creating a YouTube account or not, having video content always sends a powerful message, especially when it’s done in a professional way. Studies reveal people are more likely to watch a video about your services than read through pages of the same information. If your videos are good, you’ll most likely get them to read more and interact with the site.
Even pictures and other forms of content are great to break text and it’s a brilliant way to boost your SEOs, especially if you do the ALT text correctly.